- May 15 2011

Clues Answers
''Alley __!'' OOP
''C'mon!'' LETSGO
''Café'' order TASSE
''Friends'' character PHOEBE
''Look out, it's haunted!'' BEWAREHOUSE
''Rio'' contents AGUA
''T'' sounds DENTALS
''The Princess Bride'' novelist GOLDMAN
''Uh-uh'' NOPE
''Up in the Air'' star CLOONEY
''Where Is the Life That Late __?'' (''Kiss Me, Kate'' tune) ILED
''__ mind?'' DOYOU
''__ Mio'' OSOLE
60 minutes of ''CSI'' EPISODE
Acapulco aunts TIAS
Acquires OBTAINS
Alphabetic trio RST
Antlered beast STAG
Apple-pie order ALAMODE
Are: Sp. ESTA
Astronaut Slayton DEKE
Aus. neighbor GER
Author Sholem ASCH
Battle site of 1836 ALAMO
Be unimportant CUTNOICE
Beast of Borden ELSIE
Cable channel, e.g. AIRER
Camera type SLR
Capital of Albania TIRANA
Chinese frypans WOKS
Cooking direction STIR
Cornerstone abbr. ESTD
Creme cookie OREO
Crossed-strip structures LATTICES
Decorative pitcher EWER
Defeating actor Romano BESTINGRAY
Dietary concern FAT
Do a cobbler's job RESOLE
Drink slowly SIP
Dweeb GEEK
Entreaty PLEA
Everything, in Essen ALLES
Explorer Hernando de __ SOTO
Facing the pitcher ATBAT
Farm structures SILOS
Fast-food side FRIES
Ferber novel SOBIG
Flu symptom AGUE
Food label abbr. NTWT
Football passes LATERALS
Fr. holy woman STE
Frisbees, e.g. DISCS
From scratch ANEW
Gen. Robt. __ ELEE
Generous ones SHARERS
Hawk's advocacy WAR
Hodgepodge MELANGE
Houston of Texas SAM
HS department SCI
Hurly-burly ADO
Ill temper BILE
In a lodge, maybe BELOWBEAMS
Interfere with BUTTINON
Internet address URL
Invigorate PEPUP
Johnny Carson predecessor PAAR
Kid-lit elephant BABAR
Lazy Susan locale TABLETOP
Clues Answers
Lean one SCRAG
Leave out, in speech ELIDE
Lhasa __ APSO
Like morning grass DEWY
Long-legged wader HERON
Make light of composer Wagner BELITTLERICHARD
Many an MIT grad ENGR
Martinique et Tahiti ILES
Martinique or Tahiti ISLE
Maryland athlete, for short TERP
Mexican shawls SERAPES
Misprint TYPO
Mount __ (Antarctic volcano) EREBUS
Mythical king MIDAS
Napoleonic marshal NEY
Neighborhood north of Piccadilly SOHO
Neon and helium GASES
Of the chest THORACIC
Olympics blade EPEE
Orbital extreme APOGEE
Pageant winner's wear TIARA
Pat gently DAB
PD alerts APBS
Pen sound OINK
Picture of health? CATSCAN
Pouting grimace MOUE
Preposterous INANE
Push to sell hippie accessories BEADCAMPAIGN
Put on lots of rings BEDECKHAND
Questionable SUSPECT
Rapids SAULT
Rehearsal DRYRUN
Ripped off STOLEN
Rodeo rope RIATA
Rusty hinge sound CREAK
Sandbank SHOAL
Securely fastened LASHED
Senator Hatch's state UTAH
Sensible SOBER
Server on wheels TEACART
SF Giant, for one NLER
Sheets and such BEDLINEN
Sicilian spewer ETNA
Slight sound PEEP
Small and mischievous ELFIN
Sonora celebration FIESTA
Spanish appetizers TAPAS
Speedily APACE
Sphere starter IONO
Sports stadium ARENA
Supply with fresh personnel REMAN
Tailless primate APE
Unhinge an Untouchable BEWILDERNESS
Unit of heredity GENE
Utah ski resort ALTA
Vivacity BRIO
Vouch for SPONSOR
Vouched for SWORETO
W. Hemisphere alliance OAS
Walk-__ (cameo roles) ONS
When bait is attached BEFORECAST
Where Gracie Allen was often filmed BESIDEBURNS
With husks removed SHELLED
Wonderland visitor ALICE
Zodiac beast LION
__ podrida (miscellany) OLLA
__-hole (refuge) HIDEY