Universal - Jul 4 2024

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Clues Answers
"A man, a plan, a ____, Panama" (famous palindrome) CANAL
"Awesome!" RAD
"I Just ___ Made for These Times" (Beach Boys song) WASNT
"Jeopardy," e.g GAMESHOW
"Law & Order" spinoff, informally SVU
"Saturday Night Live" segment SKETCH
"See ya!" BYE
"Strange Magic" band, briefly ELO
Add more money to, as a debit card RELOAD
Angle symbol, in math THETA
Asylum in the Batman universe ARKHAM
Bar bill TAB
Billion: Prefix GIGA
Cannoli shell, basically TUBE
Census data from Columbia and Joplin? MOTOWNRECORDS
Characteristic of a good employee WORKETHIC
Chicago airport OHARE
Clip-___ (certain sunglasses) ONS
Cognizant AWARE
Cookie created to compete with Hydrox OREO
Corkboard insert TACK
Decree FIAT
Defeating in chess MATING
Dorothy's dog TOTO
Dreamboat HUNK
Eight-sided sign STOP
Errand runner GOFER
Former name signifier NEE
Fruity soda brand FANTA
Fusion genre popular in Myrtle Beach and Charleston? SCRAPMETAL
Georgia school where Jimmy Carter is tenured EMORY
Gossip, in slang TEA
Got up AROSE
Great Basin tribe UTE
Gunk GOO
Had debts OWED
Have a hunch FEEL
Hollywood legend Mae WEST
Clues Answers
Honolulu's home OAHU
In ___ (unborn) UTERO
Keyless entry device FOB
Kiss and embrace CANOODLE
Light in a cave, maybe TORCH
Maritime NAVAL
Mexican artist Frida KAHLO
Military alert system DEFCON
Month of Indigenous Peoples' Day: Abbr OCT
Muscle targeted by squats, informally GLUTE
Nintendo competitor SEGA
Notorious Ford flop EDSEL
Oodles of LOTSA
Pal, in Paris AMIE
Part-time opportunities for residents of Fort Wayne and Muncie? INSIDEJOBS
Past and present, for two TENSES
Person who introduces acts EMCEE
Peter Pan rival JIF
Power failure OUTAGE
Preliminary race HEAT
Pulmonary organ LUNG
Ram's counterpart EWE
Reason to pull over SIREN
Remove ERASE
Self-satisfied SMUG
Some starter courses SOUPS
Something to keep up when you're down CHIN
Suggestive RACY
The 2% in 2% milk FAT
Tree's supports ROOTS
Triangular part of a building GABLE
Type of bargain PLEA
Was ahead LED
What a wire tapper uses? MORSECODE
Word of sudden insight AHA
Yours and mine OURS
___ culpa MEA
___ of Man ISLE