Universal - Jul 3 2024

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Clues Answers
"Hamilton" showdown DUEL
"I can relate to this meme" ITME
"I'm all ___!" ("Talk to me!") EARS
"If all ___ fails ..." ELSE
"Knives Out" director Johnson RIAN
"Miami ___" VICE
"The Price Is Right" host Carey DREW
Actor Elba IDRIS
Assists in crime ABETS
Away from the shore INLAND
Brainchild IDEA
Bring on board HIRE
Bundle of hay BALE
Chemical company based in Michigan DOW
Columns' counterparts ROWS
Currency used in 27-Across EURO
Demeanor MIEN
Double-reeded woodwind OBOE
Experts MAVENS
Expresses gratitude to THANKS
Far-right column on a calendar, perhaps SATURDAY
Female deer DOES
Forgoes a big wedding ceremony ELOPES
Formally end ABOLISH
Fruits with a Valencia variety ORANGES
Gentle touches PATS
Golf club with a metal head IRON
Green Day, for example TRIO
Hairpieces WIGS
High point ACME
Hormone producer GLAND
How a snorer sleeps? SOUNDLY
Hydrated and fresh, like skin DEWY
Israeli airline ELAL
Like a sale that encompasses an entire shop STOREWIDE
Lip-puckering SOUR
Clues Answers
Lower the value of DEBASE
Man who takes vows MONK
Many-layered vegetable ONION
Means of climbing in a classic board game LADDER
Minnesota hockey team WILD
Moon mission program APOLLO
Neutral shade GRAY
No ifs, ___ or buts ANDS
On the wrong side (of) AFOUL
Org. whose letters' first occurrences become progressively farther apart in 17-, 27-, 42- and 57-Across TED
Oscar winner Marisa TOMEI
Part of IPA ALE
Placed on a pedestal IDOLIZED
Portioned (out) METED
Primatologists study them APES
Put on paper WRITEDOWN
Putting the finishing touches on, as a cake ICING
Quaint, quaintly OLDE
Reid of "The Big Lebowski" TARA
Requirements NEEDS
Safer Internet Day's mo FEB
Seaside signal source FOGHORN
Second-largest Dutch city ROTTERDAM
Shape found behind a hockey goal TRAPEZOID
Singer Parks ARLO
Small taste of a drink SIP
Sprang LEAPT
Stagger REEL
Started the bidding OPENED
Terra ___ (solid ground) FIRMA
Texter's intro to an aside BTW
Tiniest amount IOTA
Tire pattern TREAD
U-turn from WSW ENE
Wagers BETS
Where Muscat is OMAN
Young chaps LADS
___ forces ARMED