L.A. Times Daily - Jun 7 2024

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Clues Answers
"100 Years... 100 Movies" org AFI
"And so on" YADAYADA
"Dang it!" RATS
"Get serious" BEREAL
"Li'l" fellow ABNER
"Or so __ say" THEY
"Riiiiiight" IBET
"Talk to Her" Oscar winner Pedro ALMODOVAR
"That's it!" AHA
"The Bear" Emmy winner __ Moss-Bachrach EBON
"Whew! I was so worried the Kahlo was counterfeit!" THANKGODITSFRIDA
"Why Do Fools Fall in Love" genre DOOWOP
"You just get here?" OHHI
"__ for now" TATA
Actress Swanson KRISTY
Aligns SYNCS
Allow in ADMIT
Apple desktop once marketed with the Rolling Stones song "She's a Rainbow" IMAC
Ave. crossers STS
Étouffée cuisine CREOLE
Back muscle, for short LAT
Basics ABCS
Birthing coach DOULA
Branch of philosophy ETHICS
Brewer's ingredient HOPS
Bygone toy company TYCO
Captain's post HELM
Cast member ACTOR
Channel for hoops fans NBATV
Chinese: Pref SINO
Chinwag CHAT
College basketball coach Barnes ADIA
Competition with pros? DEBATE
Electric shaver brand BRAUN
Extinct birds DODOS
Facts and figures DATA
Feathered missile DART
Finales ENDS
Greek X's CHIS
Green land? EIRE
Clues Answers
Having a gap HIATAL
Impatient person's comment, or an apt title for this puzzle? IHAVENTGOTALLDAY
LeBarons, e.g CHRYSLERS
Like some cottage cheese NONFAT
Mortar's partner PESTLE
Naive stock character INGENUE
Need for some copiers DRYINK
New wing ANNEX
NFL document intended to protect the secrets of the Big Game? SUPERBOWLNDA
No-frills grocery chain ALDI
Not boyish MANLY
Object ITEM
Occasion for a launch party, informally PUBDATE
Ono from Tokyo YOKO
Oxford Word of the Year for 2021 VAX
Paragons IDEALS
Peacock network NBC
Petting __ ZOO
Polk predecessor TYLER
Re-tiring workers? PITCREWS
Reprimand sharply BARKAT
Retro-chic style that originated with the family of a movie charioteer? THROWBACKHUR
Roofing goo TAR
Rosalind of "3 Body Problem" CHAO
Sked placeholder TBD
Slender THIN
Sported WORE
Start of some addresses HTTP
Stupefies DAZES
Successor HEIR
Supports AIDS
Swift composition LYRIC
Tea, in Hindi CHAI
Test for prospective M.A. students GRE
Those in favor AYES
Whizzed (by) FLEW
Yelp rating unit STAR
__ moss PEAT