Universal - Jun 6 2024

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Clues Answers
"Darn it!" OHRATS
"Mr. Robot" actor Malek RAMI
"No ifs, ___ or buts" ANDS
"Zoolander" actor Wilson OWEN
"___ were the days!" THOSE
A looooong time EON
All alternative TIDE
Amino ___ ACID
Ancient Roman garment TOGA
Atlanta WNBA team DREAM
Award quartet: Abbr EGOT
Ballerina's skirt TUTU
Beaver's creations DAMS
Bit of land in the ocean ISLE
Boo-boo OWIE
Call after a field goal ITSGOOD
Capital of Qatar DOHA
Cat, in Mexico GATO
Central Plains tribe OTOE
Charged particle ION
Cleveland NBA player, briefly CAV
Cloud of superheated ash and gas following an eruption (... first 3 letters + last 3) VOLCANICPLUME
Cobra's toxin VENOM
Court pledges OATHS
Cuisine similar to Cajun CREOLE
Custodian's collection KEYS
Dark beer STOUT
Drawn-out attacks SIEGES
Feeling uncertain INDOUBT
Folk-rock supergroup: Abbr CSNY
GPS guess ETA
Grab a midday meal with a friend, say DOLUNCH
Grumbles quietly MUTTERS
Gucci rival FENDI
Guitarist's accessory PICK
Had a healthy meal ATEWELL
Happy hour locale BAR
Have a conversation CHAT
Clues Answers
I love, in Latin AMO
Instagram video REEL
Jewish wedding dance HORA
Jim Croce single of 1973 (... first 2 letters + last 3) TIMEINABOTTLE
Joust weapon LANCE
Kill it, slangily SLAY
Kyoto currency YEN
Lacking a time stamp UNDATED
Like an even score TIED
Like lavender or lilac PASTEL
May honoree MOM
Meeting outline AGENDA
More than fill SATE
Neighbor of "M" on a keyboard COMMA
One-named soccer legend PELE
Painter's stands EASELS
Pale WAN
Primary MAIN
Quaint affirmative YESM
Romantic couple ITEM
Round of applause HAND
Scorch CHAR
Scot's "not" NAE
Something kept down in a library (In this clue's answer, note the first 2 letters + the last 3) NOISELEVEL
Spanish appetizer TAPA
Spot for grilling? HOTSEAT
Sra., in English MRS
Stately trees ELMS
Sun, in Spanish SOL
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Tofu source SOY
Toss in ADD
Tropical tree PALM
Utility bill datum USAGE
Whac-A-___ MOLE
What marinara and puttanesca sauce have in common (... first 3 letters + last 1) TOMATOBASE
Word after "area" or "throw" RUG
Worker protection org OSHA
___ court (mall feature) FOOD