L.A. Times Daily - Jun 2 2024

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Clues Answers
"And whatnot" abbr ETC
"Don't worry about me" ILLBEFINE
"Faust" playwright GOETHE
"I aspire to that" hashtag GOALS
"Interstellar" director NOLAN
"Just in case" option PLANB
"My b!" OOPS
"Passing" actress Thompson TESSA
"River Spirit" author Aboulela LEILA
"To __ their own" EACH
"Today's Wordle word is TRUE," e.g LIE
2019 animated Christmas film KLAUS
Activist's focus CAUSE
Address in a bar URL
AFC Richmond coach Lasso TED
All abuzz? APIAN
Animal evoked by a chess knight STEED
Anti-inflammatory brand ALEVE
Application fig GPA
At a distance APART
Automaker whose name means "listen" in Latin AUDI
Bar bowlful NUTS
Bellybutton type INNIE
Berenstain Bear in a blue dress MAMA
Berry in a mill PEPPERCORN
Bill of "Barry" HADER
Birthplace of espresso ITALY
Bite-size cake PETITFOUR
Box score stat RBIS
Bring a suit SUE
Butters on a farm? RAMS
Cameo shape OVAL
Candy heart, chocolate rose, or red velvet cupcake? HONEYMOONSUITESWEET
CBS forensic franchise CSI
CC or LV competitor YSL
Charmin rival SCOTT
College softball airer ESPNU
Corn dog, blooming onion, or caramel apple? COUNTYFAIRFARE
Crack, streak, or fingerprint? WINDOWPANEPAIN
Crane, hard hat, or cement mixer? BUILDINGSITESIGHT
Dad's sister AUNT
Desert valley WADI
Electric fencing equipment? EPEE
Emoji alternative GIF
Ermine in its summer coat STOAT
Erratum, appendix, or reader testimonial? SECONDEDITIONADDITION
Esoteric knowledge ARCANA
Eucalyptus dweller KOALA
Extra special attention, for short TLC
Final word SAYSO
Fish in baam machli ka salan EEL
Flatbread made with maida NAAN
Former Yankee slugger, familiarly AROD
Gold, silver, or bronze? OLYMPICMEDALMETAL
Granita bits ICE
Guitar clamps CAPOS
Had a bad feeling about DREADED
High-speed internet connection FIBER
Hindi film star __ Rukh Khan SHAH
Home of the Himalayas ASIA
Hullabaloos ADOS
Immune system constituents TCELLS
Kelly of "3 Body Problem" MARLO
Lasagna layer SAUCE
Lass GAL
Like a bass LOW
Like a fork TINED
Logical conclusion? ELL
Lot of farmland, maybe ACRE
Maze border, maybe HEDGE
Clues Answers
Middle-earth monster ORC
Mint containers TINS
MMA ref's call TKO
Much sitar music RAGAS
NBA great Curry STEPH
Nikon choice, briefly SLR
Nobel-winning physicist Paul DIRAC
Not deceived by ONTO
Not street-smart NAIVE
Not wide-ranging NICHE
Novelist Harper LEE
Old earbuds hookup IPOD
One side of a diner? FRIES
One taking things badly? THIEF
People spending the night out? CAMPERS
Philosopher Descartes RENE
Plays it cool ACTSCASUAL
Pledge in court OATH
Poppycock TRIPE
Preschooler's wheels TRIKE
Princess raised on Alderaan LEIA
Promote SELL
Psychedelics study subj LSD
Pub quaff ALE
Push to act IMPEL
Put away leftovers? EAT
QVC sister channel HSN
Reach, as a total SUMTO
Rowboat propeller OAR
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
Scale button TARE
Sculptor's tool CHISEL
See 69-Down PATROL
Serpent SNAKE
Site to consult before buying new tech CNET
Small handbag CLUTCH
Snare TRAP
Snitch (on) NARC
Soccer shot not taken with the feet HEADER
Spicy Chinese cuisine SICHUAN
Stayed still IDLED
Struck by Cupid's arrow SMITTEN
Tail motion WAG
Tailless primate APE
Tech giant whose logo depicts the Golden Gate Bridge CISCO
Thailand neighbor LAOS
Thanks, in French MERCI
Thanks, in German DANKE
Theater array SEATS
Tick away ELAPSE
Transition SEGUE
Tree native to the Rockies ASPEN
U.K. mil. branch RAF
Under the weather ILL
Username, perhaps ALIAS
Venmo balance, PayPal account, or Google Wallet funds? ELECTRONICCASHCACHE
Viewed SEEN
Viking drink MEAD
Viscous stuff GOOP
WashU's city STL
White-water conveyances RAFTS
Wide-ranging BROAD
With 2-Down, DC Comics superhero team DOOM
With a layover in VIA
Without stopping ONEND
Yale student ELI
[strokes beard] HMM
__ facto IPSO
__ rata PRO
__ Speedwagon REO