L.A. Times Daily - May 31 2024

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Clues Answers
"Dominicana" novelist Cruz ANGIE
"Good going!" NICEONE
"I've got it!" AHA
"Jurassic Park" dinosaur, e.g CLONE
"Legally Blonde" blonde ELLE
"We're done here" THATSALL
Accustom (to) INURE
Actor Ventimiglia MILO
Airport info ETA
Apple TV+ role for Jason TED
Argentine soccer legend dubbed "El Pibe de Oro" MARADONA
Birthstones for some Scorpios OPALS
Brainpower nos IQS
Buffalo's lake ERIE
Clever one WAG
Coming right up NEXT
Consumes, in a way READS
Create a PDF, perhaps SCAN
Crispy Colonel sandwich seller KFC
Crossed (out) EXED
Cry at the end of a performance ENCORE
Density symbol, in physics RHO
Double birdie, which can also be found at 17-, 31-, 48-, and 62-Across? EAGLE
ER graph EKG
Flu or fly BUG
French beans? TETES
Goof ERR
Ingest lather while getting one's mouth washed out with soap? SWALLOWDOVE
Jubilant cry WAHOO
Kerfuffles ADOS
Late sign PISCES
Long __ AGO
Loudly promote trips to Istanbul? HAWKTURKEY
Luster SHEEN
Matcha, e.g TEA
Not much ATAD
Not online, for short IRL
Clues Answers
Number of hearts for a Time Lord TWO
Observed SEEN
Omar of Congress ILHAN
On the job ATWORK
Oversaw RAN
Pained cries OWS
Pool need CUE
Portray DEPICT
Print maker PAW
Proportion RATIO
Reply with an apostrophe YESM
Revenue sources for freemium apps ADS
Say "Holy nightmare, Batman!"? PARROTROBIN
Seed coating ARIL
Show the way LEAD
Singular UNIQUE
Solemn recitation OATH
Sonata, for one CAR
Sound off RANT
Spanish boy NINO
Sterling silver, e.g ALLOY
Sticky treat, in more ways than one LOLLIPOP
Successfully elude director Scorsese? DUCKMARTIN
Sufficient, in texts ENUF
Sweetie pie DEARIE
Theater boxes LOGES
TikTok upload CLIP
Tiniest amount TRACE
Touchpad toucher USER
Tourney game SEMI
Unfair treatment RAWDEAL
Used colorful language CUSSED
Virtual animal in an early 2000s fad NEOPET
Way awesome EPIC
With wisdom SAGELY
Word with a maiden name NEE
Word with tight or loose END