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Clues Answers
"Avatar" race NAVI
"Cool, dude!" RAD
"Crazy in Love" singer BEYONCE
"Dies —" (hymn) IRAE
"Jenny" co-star Alan ALDA
12/24, e.g EVE
A.M. show since '75 GMA
Actress Longoria EVA
Adobe Acrobat file, for short PDFDOC
Alternative to rhinestone Cubiczirconia
Ambien or ZzzQuil, for short SLEEPMED
American marsupial OPOSSUM
Aquatic rodents WATERRATS
Arranging on a dish for serving PLATING
Arresting, informally COLLARING
At any point EVER
Atop, in verse OER
Baltimore pro athlete ORIOLE
Become stretched out ELONGATE
Betrayer Benedict ARNOLD
Big name in pens BIC
Bit of wristwear with small, linked segments TENNISBRACELET
Brick-shaped tart candy PEZ
Brief slumber NAP
Brilliant effect ECLAT
Building part enclosed by blaze-resistant walls FIREAREA
Busy insect BEE
Busy insect ANT
Cake layers TIERS
Canary of cartoons TWEETYPIE
Capote, to pals TRU
Cell with an axon NEURON
Chap GUY
Closest bud BESTIE
Conical home TEPEE
Corrida shout OLE
Detestable VILE
Did perfectly ACED
Disco singer Payne FREDA
Dispatch SEND
DIYer's set KIT
Downer drug OPIATE
Eggs, in labs OVA
Exploiter USER
Extract the juice from REAM
Facility for outpatients CLINIC
Fat or protein unit GRAM
Fat-removal option, briefly LIPO
Felt intuitively SENSED
Fifth Avenue retailer of luxury goods TIFFANYS
Food — (post-meal condition) COMA
Footwear for golfer Payne Stewart ARGYLESOCKS
Four halves TWO
Frequently, in verse OFT
Genre for "L.A. Confidential" NEONOIR
Gift for popping the question ENGAGEMENTRING
Globe ORB
Goes upward RISES
Graceful, swift horses ARABIANS
Grand Coulee, e.g GORGE
Grand Coulee, e.g DAM
Green shade OLIVE
Greenish shade TEAL
Gut-punch sound OOF
Helmsley of hotels LEONA
Hem and haw HESITATE
Hi-tech organizers PDAS
High hairstyle UPDO
Husband on "The Munsters" HERMAN
Hydrant site CURB
Indian dress SARI
Injections SHOTS
Clues Answers
It may be fretless BASS
Jessica of "Dark Angel" ALBA
Khaki color TAN
King, in Arles ROI
Law enforcers, slangily POPO
Looks over SCANS
Love, in Latin AMOR
Mailbox item: Abbr LTR
Major Calif.-to-Fla. hwy ITEN
Many an intl. charity gp NGO
Mark indelibly ETCH
Milk farm DAIRY
Miss GAL
Moonwalker Armstrong NEIL
Niche religion CULT
Occasion upon threescore years of marriage SIXTIETHANNIVERSARY
Old-time actress Ella RAINES
Old-time actress Talbot or Naldi NITA
Ordinary USUAL
Org. for drs AMA
Oscar nominee Banderas ANTONIO
Parisian play part ACTE
Perfumer Lauder ESTEE
Playwright William INGE
Point where the moon is farthest from Earth APOGEE
Prefix for "milk" LACTO
Prevaricate LIE
Pungent sushi paste WASABI
Put in a tomb INTER
Rage IRE
Realtor's unit LOT
Relating to an eating-away process EROSIONAL
River vessel BOAT
Roots firmly EMBEDS
Rubs away ERASES
Sea marker BUOY
Second wife of Lennon ONO
Secret rendezvous TRYST
Set ablaze KINDLE
Sharp-tasting TANGY
Sheriff Taylor's tyke OPIE
Simpson trial judge Lance ITO
Singer Garfunkel ART
Skill, in Latin ARS
Small hotel INN
Somewhat stiff SEMIRIGID
Sortie signal AIRALERT
Spike of films LEE
Sportscaster Cosell HOWARD
Sporty English autos MGS
Stores away STOWS
Supermodel Kate UPTON
Surgery ctrs ORS
Things associated with eight answers in this puzzle DIAMONDS
Third-year H.S. students JRS
Tibetan, e.g ASIAN
Titled man SIR
Utah town near Arches National Park MOAB
Wallet wad ONES
War on Poverty prez LBJ
Warlike deity ARES
Wash out the mouth audibly GARGLE
Way past the time that LONGAFTER
Western flick OATER
What a dealer deals from DECKOFCARDS
Where to hit a home run BASEBALLFIELD
Wood cutter AXE
Work crew STAFF
Zero NIL
— loss for words ATA