L.A. Times Daily - May 25 2024

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Clues Answers
"Allow Me to Retort" writer Mystal ELIE
"The Marvels" actor Park __-joon SEO
"The Secret Life of Bees" novelist KIDD
"To Kill a Mockingbird" narrator SCOUT
"Uh-uh" NAW
Adèle ou Céline NOM
Alabama's state nut PECAN
Apt name for an optimist ROSIE
Beefiness BRAWN
Brown hue CAMEL
Cards IDS
Carpenter with pipes KAREN
Cheap tix option SRO
Club alternative BLT
Commanders' org NFL
Cozy top HOODIE
Dab dry BLOT
Desirable trait ASSET
Drift apart LOSETOUCH
Element in some textured paint SAND
Ferret kin MINK
Film studio stock STILLS
Folks who are totes inseparable BFFS
Food source for grizzly bears SALMONRUN
Food truck fare STREETTACOS
Forward thinkers? SEERS
From overseas? DES
Front money ANTE
Gas company known for its toy trucks HESS
Get by ELUDE
Go after SEEK
Goddess symbolized by the peacock HERA
Hole number? YARDS
Horn blast BLARE
Clues Answers
Inner ear? CORNCOB
Inspiring device SNORKEL
Jumps aboard LEAPSON
Like some questions YESNO
More alarming SCARIER
Nonsense BLATHER
Olympic units METERS
Ones with very good manors LORDS
Ortiz of "Love, Victor" ANA
Pained cry UNCLE
Perfect spot? EDEN
Positive sign PLUS
Post in a studio MALONE
Quarters near a quad DORM
Red state IRE
Red state BLUSH
Residence that's fit for a queen PALACE
Ropeless climbs FREESOLOS
Salon selection ASHBLONDE
Signs of recognition NODS
Sisters with similar habits NUNS
Skin care brand started in Paris in 1957 ROC
So far TONOW
Somewhat ATAD
Sought-after change RARECOINS
Sparky the Sun Devil's sch ASU
Staff note MEMO
Starchy roots TAROS
Style guide? FASHIONICON
Taylor Swift's "I __ You Were Trouble" KNEW
Times Square abundance ADS
Treat similar to tostones FRIEDBANANA
Unsettling stillness DEADSILENCE
Word in Montana's motto ORO
Words of admission ITWASME