L.A. Times Daily - May 11 2024

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Clues Answers
"... a grin without a cat" observer ALICE
"I get it!" AHA
"Law & Order" actor Jeremy SISTO
"Mad __" MEN
"One L" author TUROW
"The Killing" actress Mireille ENOS
About as bad as it gets ATROCIOUS
Airport safety gp TSA
Artificial PLASTIC
Bleak GRIM
Block DAM
Brand that sponsored early soap operas CAMAY
Calculated SLY
Capitol cap DOME
Catalan artist Joan MIRO
Chamillionaire song with the lyrics "They see me rollin' / They hatin'" RIDIN
Chem class fig ATWT
City southwest of Warsaw LODZ
Cry after seeing a good drawing? GIN
Current subject EDDY
Director Welles ORSON
Dismiss LETGO
Even more distant ICIER
Focus of much analysis DATA
Food __ DYE
Generously given UNSTINTED
H-Town ALer STRO
Hereditary chain DNASTRAND
Hitchcock motel BATES
Isr. neighbor LEB
Italy's Villa __ DESTE
Jason who was the 2000 AL MVP GIAMBI
Journalist who co-founded the NAACP IDABWELLS
Clues Answers
Knockoffs of the 1980s and 1990s PCCLONES
Loaf traditionally made with clabbered milk SODABREAD
Miner concern ORE
Mookie who was the 2018 AL MVP BETTS
New and improved, say TWOPOINTO
NYC rep since 2019 AOC
Org. founded by Billie Jean King WTA
Philosopher known for "reductio ad absurdum" arguments ZENO
Post-doc combo? CTRLP
Preakness winner Man __ OWAR
Precipitation that can hurt HAIL
Prescription to fight stress, briefly RNR
Road warning sign SLOW
Rough treatment HARDKNOCKS
Santa __ Valley: California setting of "Sideways" YNEZ
Sch. type ELEM
Sci-fi FX CGI
Self-critical evaluation AMIANIDIOT
Singer who was one of the original judges on "American Idol" PAULAABDUL
Single situp, say REP
Slim young swimmer ELVER
Starting hour, perhaps NINEAM
Stock sector TECH
Summer Daze cologne brand CKONE
Tablet program APP
Taped message from the police? DONOTCROSS
Undertaking TASK
Violinist Kavafian ANI
Without restraint LIKECRAZY
Word in a Tom Swifty about Bruce Springsteen BOSSILY
Years in old Rome ANNI
Young lady LASS
__ and void NULL
__ cash PETTY