Universal - Nov 23 2023

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Clues Answers
" ___ be great if ... " ITD
"Darn!" RATS
"Go on ..." AND
"Gracias" reply DENADA
"Guess ___?" (classic kid's game) WHO
"It Ends With Us" author Hoover COLLEEN
"Lobby Baby" comedian Meyers SETH
"Raspberry" hat in a Prince song BERET
"There's no turning back now!" ITSDOORDIE
1/365 of a typical year DAY
2,000 pounds TON
Activist Yoko ONO
Annual video game competition, for short EVO
Attempt TRY
Aware of HIPTO
Be of use AVAIL
Big name in skin care OLAY
Board game played on a world map RISK
Clarinet relative OBOE
Classy neckties ASCOTS
College-level HS classes APS
De-wrinkle IRON
Decreased in speed SLOWED
Discover, as an idea HITON
Easter egg event HUNT
Emotionless, ostensibly STOIC
Excalibur or Bellagio HOTELCASINO
Fairy tale's starting word ONCE
Fibbed LIED
Free (of) RID
Give a speech ORATE
Haircut associated with early '90s hip-hop culture FLATTOP
Helvetica, e.g FONT
Hollow coastal formation SEACAVE
It was developed during the Eastern Zhou dynasty's Spring and Autumn period CHINESECALENDAR
Jazzy James ETTA
Long (for) ACHE
Mike's partner in candy IKE
Clues Answers
Naked BARE
Nickname that omits "An" DRE
Notice of a passing, briefly OBIT
Ode writer POET
Online party notifications EVITES
Overdo, as a stage role HAMUP
Pea holders PODS
Penned WROTE
Person who may use they/them pronouns, briefly ENBY
Peruvian pals AMIGOS
Pizza Hut or Quiznos CHAIN
Place to bake chicken nuggets OVEN
Place to make a connection? HUB
Possess HAVE
Potluck dish often prepared with chicken or tuna NOODLECASSEROLE
Premium TV channel HBO
Pub orders ALES
Rare "Jeopardy!" outcome, and a hint to scrambled shoestrings within 17-, 27- and 44-Across THREEWAYTIE
Religious ceremony RITE
Reporter Shapiro ARI
Ripen AGE
Rolls-___ ROYCE
Secure with a key LOCK
See 23-Down AMOK
Shaken instrument MARACA
Shoe bottom SOLE
Small plateau MESA
Softball stat RBI
Stately tree ELM
Storm center EYE
They're placed in poker BETS
Voting group BLOC
What models strike POSES
When doubled, a Hawaiian fish MAHI
Winter creations with carrot noses SNOWMEN
With 2-Down, go wild RUN
Yang's counterpart YIN
___ Balls (Hostess snacks) SNO
___ Rica COSTA