The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28765

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Clues Answers
A billion goats slaughtered for world economic development GLOBALISATION
Article about the setter's revolutionary nom de guerre ANONYM
Backer briefly entering explosive function TANGENT
Confess some shallow notions OWN
Cunning insult overheard SLEIGHT
Devoid of ego, listener somehow gives way RELENTS
Eco-friendly vehicle part contains uranium, really oddly carbon neutral
English stigma made French scoff ESCARGOT
Fancy Easter sun and sweet wine SAUTERNES
Finally organising diverse people into rank and order ARRANGEMENT
Flash one's lower parts SECONDI
Former magistrate thought about limits of lenience AEDILE
Garments putting pressure on navels pinnies
Kindly feeding extremely suspicious bees etc SWARMS
Clues Answers
Law firm exec regularly duped about new licence a free hand
Left sweethearts to shed clothes OVER
Low spirits start to get lower? GLOOM
Man perhaps read aloud passage ISLE
Mixture of male impetuosity and half-cut rage MELANGE
Most stylish and vacuous supermodel, I'm afraid, is in France SLEEKEST
Old story about India at back of Republican magazine REPOSITORY
Queasy hosts digested last of blood pudding spotted dick
Service is no good if earlier however EVENSONG
Silver pressing on primate's Christian love AGAPE
Singular character departs on a trip STONED
Sky broadcast quality song AIR
Tough old bird’s lost after terrible tale LEATHERN
Weaselly type's rowdy intemperance leaving church pine marten