The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 9379

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Clues Answers
--- Benedict, breakfast dish EGGS
Arm muscle TRICEPS
Backchat LIP
Bounded, sprang LEAPT
Canal-side walkway TOWPATH
Candidate NOMINEE
Dairy dessert ice cream
Electronic noise; temporary irregularity BLIP
Gathered together MET
Gloomy, morose DOUR
High point ACME
Mediterranean herb OREGANO
Minor car collision PRANG
Move furtively CREEP
Clues Answers
Mull or Skye, eg ISLE
Nonsense, balderdash CLAPTRAP
Outer casing SHELL
Repeat verbatim PARROT
Room for manoeuvre LATITUDE
Rousing song ANTHEM
Rural inhabitant VILLAGER
Sacred HOLY
Serious GRAVE
Spray can AEROSOL
Traveller’s overnight break STOPOVER
Turn or wring sharply TWIST
Vessel’s captain SKIPPER