L.A. Times Daily - Nov 17 2023

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Clues Answers
"... or thereabouts" ISH
"Let me demonstrate ... " LIKESO
"Snowy" bird OWL
Airport safety org TSA
Arabic for "crown" TAJ
Baffled LOST
Banquet celebrating Ottoman culture? TURKYDINNER
Barbara Gordon's alter ego BATGIRL
Beachcombers' off-season hopes? SHELLYWINTERS
Become more approachable, say THAW
Blackball SHUN
Bright quality RADIANCE
Broad hat, lotion, shades, etc SUNGEAR
Cheese in a Greek omelet FETA
Chimes in ADDS
CIA predecessor OSS
Coming to WAKING
Core workout rep ABCRUNCH
Cough syrup meas TSP
Deets INFO
Deuce TWO
Doesn't turn away ADMITS
Donkey cries BRAYS
Feels remorse RUES
Genetic molecule RNA
God often depicted with green skin OSIRIS
Herbal beverage TEA
Hold back for now SITON
Hurdles for aspiring drs MCATS
Japanese sash OBI
Join the team? YOKE
Kipling's "__-Tikki-Tavi" RIKKI
Let out a bit LOOSEN
Like hardcovers BOUND
Like lambs and rams OVINE
Liu of "Charlie's Angels" LUCY
Clues Answers
Many a garden flower ANNUAL
Meandered SNAKED
Motorized ride EBIKE
Muppet bear in a pork pie hat FOZZIE
Native language in Oklahoma KIOWA
Natural talents GIFTS
Network with programming streamed on Max HBO
Nosh on EAT
Optimist's words ICAN
Overshadows DWARFS
Palindromic pop quartet ABBA
Palindromic pop trio AHA
Photoreceptor cell CONE
Pond growth ALGAE
Possible cause of an unearned run ERROR
Quite the card RIOT
Rx watchdog FDA
Secular LAIC
Shelter on the Asian steppes YURT
Slangy turnarounds UIES
Small flute made from reclaimed farm wood? BARNYFIFE
Spot for a donut TRUNK
Submit taxes online EFILE
Supposing EVENIF
Sushi wrapper NORI
Tailless primate APE
Tat spot, perhaps PEC
Taverns in cloisters and abbeys? MONKYBARS
Tempe sch ASU
Thus far YET
TikTok videos made by athletes? JOCKYSHORTS
TV carpenter Norm ABRAM
Veer back ZAG
Vicinity AREA
Vox co-founder Klein EZRA
Weekly skit show, familiarly SNL
Wine and dine, maybe WOO
Without fumbling ABLY