The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,158 - Nov 1 2023

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Clues Answers
American opportunely heads for high yields, displaying coolness APATHY
Apt to change look when removing current hat VOLATILE
Breathed hard in ear: raunchy or sad? BLUE
Caught someone gathering flock to fix back of wool jumper HURDLER
Cheat and solve this clue, perhaps DODOWN
Cover up aim to embrace quiet libertine lacking energy ENSHROUD
Dabbler -- translated title accepted by Italian author DILETTANTE
Dark gangster comes after king for award KNIGHTHOOD
Digit: it's one occasionally TOE
Discovered nova, universal medium for source of life OVUM
Doctor Who hands over Rose finally -- big mistake HOWLER
Draft review of shambolic nephew's housing PENCIL
Helpful Heather is fire starter KINDLING
Individuals invading country forming another INDONESIA
Interred, urned perhaps? UNDERGROUND
Clues Answers
Managed to interrupt Tory leader once making aggressive speech HARANGUE
Musical performance around November 5th in calendar? Beats me DUNNO
New Zealander Kelvin takes wicket in two KIWI
Oddly missing sign on hotel INN
Perhaps Berlin fertiliser manufacturer is short of time COMPOSER
Right time, when leaderless, for moderation REASON
Rustic in Nice left out PEASANT
Security guard swore at cinema chain in audition CUSTODIAN
Share American plant LOTUS
Smack joint next to Kent town KNUCKLESANDWICH
Soldier with no idea, losing heart in irrational fear PARANOIA
Stick poster in this place ADHERE
The setter's popular, cheering about mobster's icing ELIMINATING
Threesome in rude relations tangle messily rejecting ordered duos ETERNALTRIANGLE
Trap agreed following call HOOK