Universal - Oct 30 2023

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Clues Answers
"Conan" channel TBS
"Moby-Dick" captain AHAB
"Shoo!" SCAT
"That's all false!" LIES
"TiK ToK" singer KESHA
*Breakfast dish made without yolks EGGWHITEOMELET
*Dame and knight HONORARYTITLES
*Percussionist's set DRUMKIT
*True crime watcher EYEWITNESS
401(k) alternatives IRAS
A Great Lake ERIE
Actress Reid TARA
Actress Thurman UMA
Airplane walkway AISLE
An ___ up your sleeve ACE
Approximating suffix ISH
Bed for a twin brother, say BUNK
Bird on a U.S. quarter EAGLE
Bowlers and beanies HATS
Busy person's response to an invitation ICANT
Currently NOW
Derby animal HORSE
Eco-friendly GREEN
Endless scrolling, e.g TIMESINK
Equipment GEAR
Fan's shout CHEER
Fitted, as a tuxedo TAILORED
Flashlight power sources AAS
Friend of Spot or Fido ROVER
General ___ (Chex maker) MILLS
Gets in the way of THWARTS
Give a meal to FEED
Honey ___! (Post cereal) OHS
Hoppy beer, briefly IPA
Jolly man SANTA
Katy Perry song whose title is an animal sound ROAR
Kemper of "The Office" ELLIE
Kitten's cry MEW
Larger than large GIANT
Clues Answers
Library no-no NOISE
Maui figurine TIKI
Mine find ORE
Musical pause REST
Nada NIL
Name that doesn't rhyme with "Rene," oddly IRENE
Official in a striped shirt REF
Opera solos ARIAS
Past curfew LATE
Period before Easter LENT
Pickleball court divider NET
Picture in a picture INSET
Playfully shy COY
Pulls sharply YANKS
Quickly adapt ... or a hint to the first 3-5 letters + 2 other letters in each starred clue's answer ROLLWITHIT
Roofing gunk TAR
Rosa who stood up for herself by staying seated PARKS
Said L-I-T-R-E, say SPELT
Skin irritation RASH
Software customer USER
Solid served in liquids ICE
Sounding congested NASAL
Speak pompously ORATE
Speech therapy focus STUTTER
Stocking stuffer? TOE
Super Bowl LVII's halftime performer, to fans RIRI
Sweet ___ (Southern drink) TEA
That dude's HIS
Tolkien tree creatures ENTS
Track shapes OVALS
Unspoken words: Abbr ASL
Use scissors SNIP
Very well-done, but not done well BURNT
Was absolutely horrible STANK
Well-___ machine OILED
White House staffer AIDE
Winter refreshment COCOA
Word following "French" or "air" HORN
___ the Kid (rhyming NHL nickname) SID