L.A. Times Daily - Oct 18 2023

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Clues Answers
"Arrested Development" narrator Howard RON
"Catch you later" IMOUT
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" director Lee ANG
"Dagnabbit!" DRAT
"Monsters, __" INC
"No one told me!" HOWWASITOKNOW
"Ouch!" YOWIE
"We __ the Champions" ARE
Actor Gosling RYAN
Be overattentive, as a waiter HOVER
Bronze, e.g MEDAL
Bryant of "Human Resources" AIDY
By way of VIA
Calico or tuxedo CAT
Catch on (to) GETWISE
Charlize of "Mad Max: Fury Road" THERON
Chicago airport OHARE
Classic film noir about a man investigating his own murder DOA
Climbing greenery IVY
Confines HEMSIN
Economist and social reformer Webb who coined the term "collective bargaining" BEATRICE
European capital west of Helsinki OSLO
Fellow CHAP
Flat-bottomed ship BARGE
Follow, as a hunch ACTON
From the top ANEW
Galaxy body STAR
Garden tool SPADE
Glance through an open door, say PEEKIN
Golden Fleece ship ARGO
Grand opening? MEGA
Green topper for toast AVOCADO
Greeting on deck AHOY
Had a new proprietor CHANGEDOWNERSHIP
Heart of an operation, and a hidden feature of 20-, 26-, and 46-Across COMMANDCENTER
Ill-advised action NONO
In sorrier shape WORSE
Clues Answers
Like a game headed to overtime TIED
Like most of Nunavut's population INUIT
Like Scotch AGED
Like takeout orders TOGO
Male deer HART
Masala __: milky spiced tea CHAI
Mex. neighbor USA
Mezcal base AGAVE
Mortal danger PERIL
Persian word for "king" SHAH
Pinot noir or merlot REDWINE
Pirouetting, say ONTOE
Rain buckets POUR
Run errands during a bad storm, say BRAVETHEELEMENTS
Russian "no" NYET
Sharpen HONE
Social equals PEERS
Solitary LONE
Sometime soon ANYDAY
St. Louis-to-Chicago dir NNE
Staff member? NOTE
Stately tree ELM
Strong-arms COERCES
Sushi spheres ROE
Take the top off UNCAP
Tavern owner on "The Simpsons" MOE
Terse summons SEEME
Third-stringers CTEAM
Three-time NBA Finals MVP Duncan TIM
Tiny bits IOTAS
Unwell ILL
Used dynamite on, as a safe BLEWOPEN
Utopia EDEN
Video game figure not controlled by a human: Abbr NPC
Way for a high schooler to build credit? APCOURSE
Writer's alias PENNAME