L.A. Times Daily - Oct 17 2023

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Clues Answers
"Beef" actress Wong ALI
"Blam!" KAPOW
"I'm __ roll!" ONA
"More or less" suffix ISH
"We __ amused" ARENOT
Actor McGregor EWAN
AFB no-show AWOL
Aids for airplane napping NECKPILLOWS
Annapolis military sch USNA
Annual fact book ALMANAC
Attack with snowballs, say PELT
Bassett who plays Marvel's Queen Ramonda ANGELA
Baton-passing race with co-ed teams MIXEDRELAY
Bedroom noise SNORE
Brewery order ALE
Bruno, to Mirabel, in "Encanto" TIO
Buckwheat noodle SOBA
Coin flip call HEADS
Confess ADMIT
Confidence builder EGOBOOST
Connective tissue SINEW
Desire WANT
Disc golf number PAR
Full collections SETS
German white wine with a high sugar content SWEETRIESLING
Go along with AGREETO
Had trouble swallowing GAGGED
Helps a thief, maybe ABETS
In debt OWING
Inky stain BLOT
Iron-rich leafy vegetable KALE
Is priced at COSTS
Jimmy Kimmel's network ABC
Joins the flow of traffic MERGES
Kitchen glove OVENMITT
Knotted neckwear TIE
Lesson one might get a kick out of? KARATECLASS
Clues Answers
Like proofed dough RISEN
Miracle-__: fertilizer brand GRO
Muppet who refers to himself in the third person ELMO
Noble gas used in welding ARGON
Not very much ATAD
Now and __ THEN
Overhaul RETOOL
Pago Pago's land SAMOA
Painter's calculation AREA
Profoundly bad EVIL
Route WAY
Scale units: Abbr LBS
Second longest African river CONGO
Shenandoah Valley state VIRGINIA
Slump SAG
Socially inept sort DWEEB
Source of inspiration MUSE
Sports venue ARENA
Start of something great PROMISINGIDEA
Stocky dogs BOXERS
Suffix on pasta names INI
Supreme being GOD
Surprised shout when a spot on the wall starts moving, and what can be said about 17-, 26-, and 43-Across ITSGOTLEGS
Tennis star Osaka NAOMI
Time in office TERM
Toy for a windy day KITE
United ONE
Vanilla extract amt TSP
Vision-correcting surgery LASIK
Wander ROVE
Wide-eyed AGOG
Wrinkly citrus fruit UGLI
Yard sale payment CASH
Yardstick unit INCH
__ Club: bulk-buying chain SAMS
__-serif SANS