Universal - Oct 2 2023

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Clues Answers
"'___ the season ..." TIS
"Diary of a ___ Kid" WIMPY
"I'm all ears!"... or a tip for entering 17-, 26- or 43-Across LAYITONME
"Law & Order: SVU" actor ICET
"South Park" boy ERIC
'80s sitcom character from Melmac ALF
1926 work by Langston Hughes ITOO
Boggy ground MIRE
Brewer's product ALE
Candied orange veggies YAMS
Carnival attraction RIDE
Ceiling LIMIT
Change for a ten FIVES
Chick's call CHIRP
Colorful and healthy dessert FRUMEDLEY
Come off as SEEM
Conscious and intentional recall of information EXPLICMEMORY
Deadlock IMPASSE
Eat away at ERODE
End of a parent's non-explanation ISAYSO
English horn's relative OBOE
Entertain AMUSE
Feathery accessory BOA
First-string athletes ATEAM
Founded: Abbr EST
French name that anagrams to "Leon" NOEL
Gather together AMASS
Gatherings for heads of state SUMMMEETINGS
Gold bar INGOT
Gossipy person YENTA
Hot under the collar ANGRY
Intelligent SMART
Jewish group on campus HILLEL
Johnny who voiced Rango DEPP
K-pop artist, to fans IDOL
Kitchenware brand OXO
Least complicated SIMPLEST
Letters that bookend "literal" ELS
Like a chimney sweep's uniform SOOTY
Clues Answers
Like lava MOLTEN
Longtime buds BFFS
Low voice in opera BASSO
Lucky green stone in Chinese culture JADE
Manhattan neighborhood that had a renaissance HARLEM
Medium for FDR's fireside chats RADIO
Minute amounts IOTAS
Nat ___ Wild GEO
New-wave band with energy dome hats DEVO
October birthstone OPAL
Ones place? WALLET
Org. that defends rights ACLU
Oxfam or Greenpeace, for short NGO
Pandemonium BEDLAM
Pickle container JAR
Politician Ilhan OMAR
Promising answer? IDO
PSAs and such ADS
Psychic's "gift" ESP
Reporter's slant BIAS
Requirements NEEDS
Ridges on a guitar's neck FRETS
Sault ___ Marie STE
Siestas NAPS
Simba's uncle SCAR
Streamer's concern LAG
Street ROAD
Sushi wrapper NORI
Take off and get hitched ELOPE
Tea accompaniment SCONE
Tempeh base SOY
That guy's HIS
The ___ of March IDES
Wander aimlessly ROAM
Web destination SITE
Where to go? RESTROOM
Wordsmith like Wordsworth POET
___ Speedwagon REO