The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,401 - Sep 9 2023

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Clues Answers
Alpine transport except after end of snowmelt TBAR
Bow, having cut short nonsense FIDDLESTICK
Celebrated wildebeests turning up SUNG
Decide to crack this crossword again? RESOLVE
Distance, for example, a cart must reverse YARDAGE
Editor with deal, oddly, for literary collection EDDA
English country squire welcomes a property dealer ESTATEAGENT
Fishing equipment rocks! REELS
Hang about in seaside resort before run HOVER
Has some downsides OWNS
Heroic trips organised before records were kept PREHISTORIC
Lacking energy, had a go at turning over soil DIRT
Large carnivore's frightful, we hear, to tolerate GRIZZLYBEAR
Last letter in vehicle for emperor CZAR
Link part of South American custom SAUSAGE
Make firm points to clinch argument STIFFEN
Clues Answers
Man perhaps lies badly ISLE
Nod fiercely, surprisingly in environmental harmony ECOFRIENDLY
Occasionally shout very loudly in fit of anger HUFF
Overcome hard nut, we're told CONQUER
Piercing lamentation KEEN
Plan one beloved king ignored IDEA
Prickly shrub surrounding a river bank in underwater structure BARRIERREEF
Resentful of Jack, a six-footer cycling JEALOUS
Right part sent back -- time to find proof of purchase RECEIPT
Spiritless team thrashed TAME
Surprisingly outraged don's benevolent GOODNATURED
Symbolic number accepting fine TOKEN
Troublesome current item: finding new employees RECRUITMENT
Waste found in area by northern river UREA
What's written after passing rubbish heap outside mine EPITAPH
With change of top, stomach is wobbly! JELLY