L.A. Times Daily - Sep 6 2023

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Clues Answers
"Pull up a chair" SIT
"Round __ Virgin, Mother and Child ... " YON
"The Book __": Markus Zusak novel THIEF
"We can share this hiding place!" INHERE
70-Across-hunting org SETI
Actor Waterston SAM
Ancient France GAUL
Back muscles, for short LATS
Belief suffix ISM
Blake who played Aunt Harriet on TV's "Batman" MADGE
Brief chances? OPS
Broadway award TONY
Car battery pioneer DELCO
Colonnade trees ELMS
Comedian Margaret CHO
Complete fiasco SNAFU
Cooking staple, initially EVOO
Cut down HEW
Directed LED
Far-out type? ALIEN
Filter (through) SEEP
Fine __ ARTS
Global fashion brand founded in San Francisco in 1968 ESPRIT
Go bad SPOIL
Good advice for a complainer / Bad advice for someone blowing out birthday candles SAVEYOURBREATH
Good advice for a nervous public speaker / Bad advice for an impersonator JUSTBEYOURSELF
Good advice for an angry person / Bad advice for a novice dairy farmer DONTHAVEACOWMAN
Good advice for an impatient person / Bad advice for a Chippendales dancer KEEPYOURSHIRTON
GPS technology, for short SATNAV
Grasped HELD
Grasps GETS
Greek war god ARES
Gumbo vegetable OKRA
High-five sound SLAP
Historical times ERAS
Hope __ CHEST
Idris of "Cats" ELBA
Clues Answers
In vogue again RETRO
In __: unborn UTERO
Ireland's __ Féin SINN
Island formation ATOLL
Key with one sharp, briefly GMAJ
Kitchen addition? ETTE
Learning method ROTE
Legal dept. staffers ATTYS
Lower limb LEG
Lunes or martes DIA
Miner concerns ORES
Mole SPY
More watered down WEAKER
Name tag word HELLO
Newsstand stack PAPERS
Not post- PRE
Off topic AFIELD
Poetic preposition ERE
Potato nutrients, for short CARBS
Potting material SOIL
Prepare, as an infusion STEEP
Price-slashing event SALE
Pupil's place IRIS
Repurposed tee, maybe RAG
Result of some plotting GRAPH
Rhythm-heavy genre SKA
Rx orders MEDS
Salon sound SNIP
Shelley's "Ozymandias," e.g SONNET
Soccer star Lionel with seven Ballon d'Or awards MESSI
Some German imports AUDIS
Spa treatment PEEL
Spreadsheet line ROW
Sullies STAINS
T'ai __ ch'uan CHI
Tucci's "Road to Perdition" role NITTI
Violinist Menuhin YEHUDI
Water brand EVIAN
Wild beast also called a wildebeest GNU