USA Today - Sep 5 2023

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Clues Answers
'Gotcha' ISEE
'Hidden Figures' org NASA
'Know where your food comes from' movement FARMTOTABLE
'Largemouth' fish BASS
'Long ___' (Mariah Carey song) AGO
'Nevertheless . . .' YET
'Ready, ___, go!' SET
'Shop ___ You Drop' TIL
'Un ___ Loco' (Afro-Cuban jazz standard) POCO
Apex predators of the Amazon River GIANTOTTERS
Asexual, for short ACE
Big jerk ASS
Body part with a life line PALM
Camping gadgets that help prevent bug bites MOSQUITOTRAPS
Cat's foot PAW
Cheerleader's quality PEP
Child's owie BOOBOO
Commonly tie-dyed shirt TEE
CPR expert EMT
Decorative vases URNS
Depend RELY
Doc treating a pet bird VET
Drinks made from frozen grapes ICEWINES
Enjoyed some doro wat ATE
Eyeglasses for one eye MONOCLES
Feel jubilant EXULT
Fibers shorn from sheep WOOLS
Follow-up movie SEQUEL
Free of additives PURE
Furry friend PET
Game that helps babies develop object permanence PEEKABOO
Group of orcas POD
Handed-down stories LORE
Huff and puff PANT
Influences creatively INSPIRES
Instant-replay effect SLOMO
Light source whose first TV appearance was on 'Doctor Who' LAVALAMP
Clues Answers
Like whiskey with no ice NEAT
Little lie FIB
Main courses ENTREES
Meet cute in a rom-com, e.g TROPE
More kind NICER
Mortal Kombat II company SEGA
Muppet with a pet goldfish ELMO
NFL tiebreakers OTS
Noisy sleeper SNORER
Noname genre RAP
Not liquid, gas or plasma SOLID
Palindromic kitchenware brand OXO
Photo ___ OPS
Plays charades, say ACTS
Pop's partner, maybe DAD
Postgrad degree that might cover corporate ethics MBA
Pre-___ students MED
Prolonged attack SIEGE
Rain really hard POUR
Remove a handle from a photo UNTAG
Rise up in opposition REBEL
Road-surfacing substances TARS
Rosie the Riveter's headwear BANDANA
Second-person pronoun YOU
Security issues LEAKS
Small horse PONY
Small unit of mass GRAM
Spelling competition BEE
Spout forth SPEW
Subject of the play 'The Mountaintop,' for short MLK
Test episode of TV PILOT
Volleyball divider NET
Word before 'reading' or 'balm' LIP
Workplace notes MEMOS
Zigzagging skiing event SLALOM
___ no good (scheming) UPTO