Universal - Jul 23 2023

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Clues Answers
"Batman" actress Kitt EARTHA
"Car Talk" network NPR
"Color me surprised!" GEE
"Come in!" ENTER
"CSI: NY" actress Ward SELA
"Do ___ See God?" (palindromic book) GEESE
"Dynamite" septet BTS
"Go on, say something" SPEAKTOME
"Mind the ___" GAP
"Mum's the word" ITLLBEOURSECRET
"The thing I'm pointing to" THAT
"Those rumors are correct" ITSALLTRUE
"___ the force, Luke" USE
"___ what you did there!" ISEE
172,742 square miles, for Uzbekistan AREA
Affirmative answers YESES
Align SYNC
Bad font choice for a master's thesis COMICSANS
Ballet 101 bend PLIE
Be indebted to OWE
Big fan of what's in store? SHOPAHOLIC
Birthday party handouts GOODIEBAGS
Brooklyn hoopsters NETS
Buttheads ASSES
Corp. figure who may be anti-union CEO
Costume designer's skill SEWING
Crowded spot for a Thanksgiving chef OVEN
Defensive resources for squid SACS
Deity praised during Eid al-Adha ALLAH
Desired, with "for" HOPED
Director's comment before "Action!" ROLLCAMERA
Doll (up) TOG
Fill satisfactorily SATE
First man in Genesis ADAM
Fixes, as code DEBUGS
Former "Iron Chef America" chef Cat ___ CORA
Clues Answers
Ga.'s capital ATL
Genre for Latto and Amine RAP
Get a closer shot ZOOMIN
Green energy? ENVY
Humble dwellings ABODES
ID with a billion possibilities SSN
Indie singer Arlo ___ PARKS
Italy's "Eternal City" ROME
Jack who could eat no fat SPRAT
Japan's "Eternal City" KYOTO
Jazz poet Gil ___-Heron SCOTT
Kraken's org NHL
Labor activist Chavez CESAR
Like an optimistic outlook ROSY
Logical flaw HOLE
Male turkey TOM
Mathematician with a theorem about right triangles PYTHAGORAS
Mojito component RUM
Movie line delivered at the mines of Moria YOUSHALLNOTPASS
Mystery novelist on "The Office" TOBY
Nameless John DOE
One of an Iraqi minority KURD
One of fashion's Hadid sisters GIGI
Passable, at best SOSO
Pep rally sound RAH
Philly sandwich HOAGIE
Really digging INTO
Shirts' opponents SKINS
Shrill barks YAPS
Some poems ODES
Sudden course changes ZAGS
They're all relatives KIN
They're used to count down the days until Christmas ADVENTCALENDARS
What "in" things are in VOGUE
Wheeled refreshment server TEATROLLEY
Zero, in a soccer game NIL