USA Today - Jul 11 2023

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Clues Answers
'Go back' computer command UNDO
'How awful!' OHNO
'How ___ Is Your Love' DEEP
'I feel indifferent' MEH
'Right away!' ASAP
'The ___ of Glory' (Lady Gaga hit) EDGE
'___ the night before Christmas . . .' TWAS
'___ to Gold Teeth' (Danez Smith poem) ODE
Actress Jewell GERI
Anton ___ ('Ratatouille' critic) EGO
Brewed drink TEA
Ceramics oven KILN
Chew like a beaver GNAW
Colorful eye part IRIS
Competed in a race RAN
Cookie with a Blueberry Pie variety OREO
Corner chess pieces ROOKS
Dairy product made in the Midwest WISCONSINCHEESE
Dec. 24 and Dec. 31 EVES
Desperate appeal PLEA
Diabolical EVIL
Digital 'save the date' notice EVITE
Dropped the ball ERRED
Dull pain ACHE
Edge of a sleeve HEM
Enjoys some laksa EATS
Equestrian's strap REIN
Famous ___ (rhyming cookie brand) AMOS
Favorable vote YEA
Fencing blade EPEE
Fine spray MIST
First Nations group CREE
Follower of Jah RASTA
Galinhada grain RICE
Gets a look at SEES
Gooey butter ___ (rich dessert) CAKE
Great Lake bordering Ohio ERIE
Green growth on a stone MOSS
Had bills to pay OWED
Clues Answers
Hertz or Alamo alternative AVIS
How you might feel before a first date NERVOUS
Language with the highest number of native speakers MANDARINCHINESE
Large amounts SCADS
Leave flabbergasted STUN
Less than twice ONCE
Loan out LEND
Low-pH substances ACIDS
Luau instrument, for short UKE
Make up for wrongdoings ATONE
Metal deposits ORES
Mobility aid CANE
Neon and radon, for two GASES
Nordstrom rival SAKS
Partner dance from Argentina/Uruguay TANGO
Place for a boa NECK
Placed LAID
Plane's place SKY
Postpones for a later date TAKESARAINCHECK
Profitable venture MONEYMAKER
Raunchy material SMUT
Relatives KIN
Remove soap from RINSE
Says aloud VOICES
Short-term worker TEMP
Soy-based soup MISO
Spoken aloud ORAL
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
The 'D' in CD-ROM DISC
Tiny bit of matter ATOM
Unexpectedly enlightening experiences EYEOPENERS
Unit of resistance OHM
Weeding tool HOE
What a therapist does LISTENS
What the perfume Eau de Luna claims to smell like MOON
Word after 'freight' or 'gravy' TRAIN
Word before a maiden name NEE
___ contrast STARK
___ Piggy (diva Muppet) MISS