The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 29,076 - May 22 2023

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Clues Answers
A venerable communication system, that's the long and the short of it MORSECODE
After fight, finally notice abrasion SCRAPE
All I have to do is to replace dark wool WORKLOAD
Arrogance: rub his out HUBRIS
Comparison I show amusement about SIMILE
Cut-price offer announced for boat trip SAIL
Fight of the century? HUNDREDYEARSWAR
Final topic to be settled for the pope PONTIFICAL
High-level guide's phrase needs translating SHERPA
Husband swallowed strong feelings HATE
Insubstantial type of penguin the first to go AIRY
John, who's let off working ELTON
Macabre, speaking to further tree SYCAMORE
Nasal tone of wife in Dynasty TWANG
Clues Answers
Obstinate official gets player in line REFRACTORY
One can lose a lot of wealth: a message for banker dividing capital THAMES
Part of shirt about to sever CUTOFF
Pub round back of village shortly to be renovated HOSTELRY
Red-carded player is just getting started OFFTHEGROUND
Second match perhaps less important SLIGHTER
Sir Roger's name is in the frame CASEMENT
Tentative old fairy at a sort of arithmetic? EXPERIMENTAL
The cheapest accommodation always in the theatrical profession STEERAGE
The way to encourage Nicola? STURGEON
Vagrant has nothing to put on top of cooker HOBO
Winning all the competitions can be a very tricky affair GRANDSLAM
Wrongly agreed to be disparaging DEROGATE