- Jan 9 2011

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Clues Answers
''All right, already!'' OKOK
''Beowulf,'' notably EPIC
''Night Moves'' singer SEGER
''The Lion King'' cub SIMBA
''Time's Arrow'' novelist AMIS
Accomplished DID
Ad symbols LOGOS
Agenda details ITEMS
Avert disaster STEMTHETIDE
Bad-check letters NSF
Balloon material MYLAR
Barely manage, with ''out'' EKE
Bassoonist's buy REED
Beer ingredients HOPS
Beseech PLEAD
Bigwig NABOB
Bit of whipped cream GLOB
Bonds securely CEMENTS
British county SHIRE
Bro, for one SIB
Bug blocker SCREEN
Bulk buy CASE
Cable debut of '81 MTV
Casino's big customer HIGHROLLER
Casual clothing SLACKS
Cheyenne hrs. MST
Combat vehicles TANKS
Computer modeling, for short SIM
Cornered ATBAY
Coupe alternative SEDAN
Craving YEN
Crime-lab specimen DNA
Deli-department device SLICER
Doing nothing IDLE
Don't hog SHARE
Don't take no for an answer PRESS
Egyptian Peace Nobelist SADAT
Enter one's password LOGIN
Ersatz Frisbees PIEPANS
F1 neighbor ESC
Farm bundles BALES
Farm female EWE
Feudal lord LIEGE
Fictional whaler AHAB
Field of expertise AREA
French region ALSACE
Fritter away WASTE
Give the remote a workout CHANNELSURF
Half of a '30s film duo NELSONEDDY
Hard to see MISTY
Hardwood trees ASHES
Have regrets about RUE
High wind GALE
Highway part LANE
Hoops headliner NBASTAR
Is overly attentive FUSSES
It may hide a bed SOFA
Keep up with what's new STAYCURRENT
Kid around with TEASE
Legendary tales MYTHS
Like some excuses SORRY
Loosely curled hairdo FINGERWAVE
Marshes FENS
Mauna __ LOA
Med-school subj. ANAT
Minnesota's state fish WALLEYE
Mississippi quartet ESSES
Monopoly payment RENT
Nintendo's home JAPAN
Clues Answers
No longer a minor OFAGE
Obliging celebrity SIGNER
On top of ABOVE
Once more AGAIN
One-dimensional LINEAR
Organic flytraps WEBS
Out of whack AWRY
Overtime round TIEBREAKER
Package surrounder, perhaps TWINE
Parcels (out) METES
Patriotic chant USAUSA
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Placed on a roster LISTED
Plop down SIT
Poisonous TOXIC
Popeye and Porky Pig TOONS
Prefix for physics META
Printer-cartridge fillers INKS
Prohibit BAN
Provides temporarily LENDS
Pull from the ground UPROOT
Queries ASKS
Quick trip JAUNT
Ranchland units ACRES
Really steamed IRATE
Recycling candidate BEERCAN
Retailer's ring-ups SALES
Rolling in it WEALTHY
Sacred song PSALM
Sale-ad phrase SAVENOW
Santa's sackful TOYS
Sashimi fish AHI
Saw red GOTMAD
Shakespearean title character TITUS
Sign of sanctity HALO
Sitting room PARLOR
Sleuths, slangily TECS
Something sent with a click EMAIL
Somewhat wet DAMP
Somewhat wet MOIST
Sounds from Santa HOHO
Spot for sports ARENA
Square one SCRATCH
Stable newborn FOAL
Steps over a fence STILES
Stock up on AMASS
Stuffing seasoning SAGE
Sturgeon eggs ROE
Surge of popular support GROUNDSWELL
Sushi-bar fare EELS
Swindle CON
Tea variety PEKOE
Things to grind AXES
Time to crow DAWN
Treats with contempt SCORNS
Type of quartz AGATE
Universal principles AXIOMS
Untrustworthy one CHEAT
Very tense, so to speak INKNOTS
Walk heavily PLOD
Walks slowly AMBLES
Well-being HEALTH
What a lot may have a lot of CARS
What carats measure WEIGHT
What carats measure GEM
When some TV news begins ATTEN
White-hat wearer CHEF
Wipe clean ERASE
Wrinkled snack PRUNE
__-lock brakes ANTI