Wall Street Journal - Apr 19 2023 - Fall Lines

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Clues Answers
“American Kids” singer Chesney KENNY
“Sure thing, bro!” YEAHMAN
“Telephone Line” band ELO
“There’s no such thing ___ publicity” ASBAD
“What’s he, then, that says I play the villain?” speaker IAGO
“You want a war? You got a war!” ITSON
Act the sore loser, say SULK
Addition column TENS
Belmar location that lent its name to Springsteen’s band ESTREET
Bright green melon liqueur MIDORI
Bygone Ford models LTDS
Calendar row WEEK
Cambuslang cap TAM
Chaplin of Netflix’s “Treason” OONA
Citi Field team, on scoreboards NYM
City between Cleveland and Buffalo ERIE
Clothing line SEAM
Composition for a coloratura ARIA
Creator of Gillikins, Quadlings, Winkies and Munchkins BAUM
Dallas cager MAV
Danced to punk music, in a way POGOED
Diner brew JAVA
Driven personality TYPEA
Dubrovnik denizens CROATIANS
EGOT winner Brooks MEL
Exacta, e.g BET
Female pheasant HEN
Fifth-century marauder ATTILA
Get chummy with BUDDYUPTO
Gravlax seasoning DILL
Had in mind MEANT
Hair care brand with a Miracle Rescue line PANTENE
Happy Meal toy, often TIEIN
Have a bite EAT
He often bugs Bert ERNIE
Head off AVERT
Home heater OVEN
Clues Answers
Inside looks DECORS
Lessening of hostilities THAW
Letters once on 30 Rock RCA
Light shot DINK
Likely to turn violent UGLY
Long time, in Leeds AEON
Mess up BOTCH
Morales who becomes Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse movies MILES
Nuclear trial, briefly ATEST
Org. that added a P for “Paralympic” in 2019 USOC
Outline of a plan SCHEMA
Overplay one’s part EMOTE
Pelted on Halloween EGGED
Physicist Schrödinger ERWIN
Providing a lot to think about MEATY
Puffery HYPE
Quayle’s successor GORE
Range feature PEAK
Reagan’s first secretary of state HAIG
Rest atop LIEON
Schussing, say GOINGDOWNHILL
Sherlock’s sister, in two Netflix movies ENOLA
Shoot for AIMAT
Signaled to enter CUED
Significant sign OMEN
Sister to Eva and Zsa Zsa MAGDA
Spelunking site CAVERN
Study on the side MINORIN
Surrealist Tanguy YVES
Tacoma compartment CAB
Takes as an example COPIES
Up to the challenge GAME
Upscale seating LOGE
Useful ability ASSET
Winter vacation, maybe SKIINGHOLIDAY
Write hastily JOT