Universal - Mar 16 2023

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Clues Answers
"Anything else!" NOTTHAT
"Bromance" or "Bennifer," e.g PORTMANTEAU
"Expect the money later" slip IOU
"My bad!" OOPSY
"Notorious" former justice, informally RBG
"OMG that's hilarious" LMAO
"See ya!" LATER
"Sk8er ___" (2002 hit) BOI
"The Addams Family" cousin ITT
"The Muppet Show" dog ROWLF
"Very well" SOBEIT
"Walk This Way" hip-hop trio RUNDMC
"___ a wish!" MAKE
"___ ring to rule them all ..." ONE
Adele's vocal range ALTO
Animal that hangs in a cave BAT
Baby ___ ("The Mandalorian" character aka Grogu) YODA
Based ___ true story ONA
Bread machine? ATM
California NHL players, when together as a group? ANAHEIMFLOCK
Carne ___ ASADA
Chances ODDS
Chimney grime SOOT
Code-cracking org NSA
Digital party announcements EVITES
Do way more than necessary GOOVERBOARD
Drop acid TRIP
Eggs in Caesar's salad? OVA
Eye part with rods and cones RETINA
Feet "fingers" TOES
Fencing sword EPEE
Florida MLB players, when together as a group? TAMPABAYSCHOOL
French for "water" EAU
GameCube predecessor NES
Give the slip to EVADE
Goal AIM
Clues Answers
Hair goop GEL
Hang around LINGER
Headliner STAR
Hold tightly GRIP
Inanimate object that has to be fed METER
Indicate agreement NOD
Israeli airline ELAL
Kilmer of "Top Gun" VAL
Laughing carnivore HYENA
Michigan NFL players, when together as a group? DETROITPRIDE
Mimic APE
Mme., in English MRS
Nickname for Dorothy DOTTY
North Carolina NBA players, when together as a group? CHARLOTTESWARM
North Carolina university ELON
Party hearty REVEL
Pull out all the stops GOBIG
Queen ___ ("Single Ladies" singer, to fans) BEY
Requirements NEEDS
Ridiculed MOCKED
Sanders' little helper? AIDE
Savory South Asian pastry SAMOSA
Smidgen IOTA
Snakes in some hieroglyphics ASPS
Spritzed SPRAYED
Stimulant UPPER
Stores where board gamers buy KALLAX shelves IKEAS
Teeny ITSY
Test for many Ph.D. applicants GRE
The Underworld, for Hades REALM
They might be pierced or burning EARS
They're rolled in craps DICE
Vicinity AREA
Went by pinto (or Pinto) RODE
Went first LED
What you down runs it up BARTAB
Workplace safety org OSHA
___ Kadabra (comics villain) ABRA