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Clues Answers
"... sad and dreary everywhere —": Stephen Foster IROAM
"Carpe —!" DIEM
"I have no idea!" SEARCHME
"Leave — the pros" ITTO
"Tsk!" TUT
"Your Song" singer John ELTON
"— be my honor" ITD
"— Lisa" MONA
A whole lot OODLES
A, in Berlin EIN
Actor Ayres LEW
Actress Shearer MOIRA
And so on: Abbr ETC
Anna of fashion SUI
Apple computer camera ISIGHT
Apt playing card for this puzzle's theme? EIGHTOFCLUBS
Artsy cap BERET
Aspirin target PAIN
Atop, in poems OER
Avocado dip, for short GUAC
Ballplayer of D.C., in brief NAT
Barrymore or Waters of "Pinky" ETHEL
Bath fixture TUB
Be certain MAKESURE
Become lenient GOSOFT
Bible book before Job ESTHER
Biblical verb suffix ETH
Boise's state IDAHO
Buddhism branch ZEN
Burdened LADEN
Busy crawler ANT
By means of VIA
Capital of aMexico state TOLUCA
Claimed psychic gift ESP
Classic song OLDIE
Company VIP CEO
Consignment shop deal RESALE
Corrective eye surgery LASIK
Country east of Arg URU
Crime doer PERP
Dark loaf RYE
Diner offering MEAL
Disloyal sort RAT
Dove's call COO
Dragon in "The Hobbit" SMAUG
Dutch painter Jan STEEN
Electees, e.g INS
Exact look-alike DOUBLE
Eye-related OCULAR
Fidel's cohort CHE
Fighters of animal cruelty HUMANESOCIETY
Figure skater Midori ITO
Fish eggs ROE
Fly trapper WEB
Foot part TOE
Formed a lap SAT
French bud AMI
Fruity drink ADE
Garlicky mayonnaise AIOLI
Gel in a lab AGAR
Gin inventor Whitney ELI
Giraffe's kin OKAPI
Go in haste HIE
Greek vowel OMEGA
Hard to find RARE
He played Al Bundy on TV EDONEILL
Hit — (run into some trouble) ASNAG
Ice cream drink MALTED
Intestine: Prefix ENTERO
It consists of 13-player football teams RUGBYLEAGUE
Clues Answers
It has Cut and Copy commands EDITMENU
Ivy and kudzu VINES
Japanese alternative to massage REIKI
Jazz's — Gyra SPYRO
Join nuptially WED
K-O linkup LMN
Latin "I love" AMO
Lena of "The Reader" OLIN
Licoricelike seeds ANISES
Listens to HEEDS
Little drink SIP
Lyric-penning Gershwin IRA
Madison Ave. contact ADREP
Managers of houses in a subdivision HOMEOWNERSASSOCIATION
Mark with multicolored spots MOTTLE
Mecca-to-Medina flight HEGIRA
Medieval protectors of trade MERCHANTGUILD
More devious SLYER
Newspaper of the USSR PRAVDA
Not at all tight LOOSE
Nuptial oath IDO
Of axons and dendrites NEURAL
Often-pickled red vegetable BEETROOT
One-sharp musical key EMINOR
Optical VISUAL
Pakistani language URDU
Patron saint of sailors ELMO
PC key ESC
Philippine capital MANILA
Pitching star ACE
Pitching stat ERA
Planners of campus events STUDENTUNION
Point of view ANGLE
Political campaigners for a particular issue ACTIONGROUP
Popular Aussie boots UGGS
Positive vote YEA
Prince, e.g SON
Printer fluid INK
Punch combo ONETWO
Ram's mate EWE
Records file DATABASE
Regulators of a moral code ETHICSCOMMITTEE
Replay speed, briefly SLOMO
Roman 1,200 MCC
Sea, in Paris MER
Seep out OOZE
Self-help author LeShan EDA
Sharp as — ATACK
She was Mrs. Gorbachev RAISA
Ski lift type TBAR
SpaceX founder Musk ELON
Splotchy GI garb CAMOS
Stephen of "Still Crazy" REA
Sticky gunk GOO
Suffix with racket EER
Suitable FIT
Surfs the internet, e.g BROWSES
Sweltering HOT
Tennis' Björn BORG
Timothy Leary's drug LSD
To's partner FRO
Toon frame CEL
Travail TOIL
Whole lot TON
Wields USES
Wish-granting spirits GENIES
Wonderment AWE
Years on end AEON
— -friendly ECO
— Dame NOTRE
— de plume NOM