New York Times - Feb 21 2023

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Clues Answers
'Darn!' CRUD
'Do it again!' ENCORE
'The Bourne Identity' org CIA
'The Pirates of ___' (Gilbert and Sullivan operetta) PENZANCE
'Well, well, well!' OHO
'Will do!' ONIT
1970s auto that shares part of its name with one of Santa's reindeer VOLKSWAGENDASHER
A scarf might cover it NAPE
Airport screening grp TSA
Amass a mass HOARD
Anthem lyricist with a musical name KEY
Apian abode HIVE
Bestows, in the Bible GIVETH
Bowling alley features LANES
Bring in EARN
Camelot lady ENID
Certain bulbs, in brief LEDS
Certain inebriate WINO
Circling, as a satellite ORBITING
Cutlery KNIVES
Dell competitor ACER
Double ___ (variety of pun) ENTENDRE
Dramatic exhalation DEEPSIGH
Fab Four drummer STARR
First-aid equipment SPLINTS
Frank who directed 'It's a Wonderful Life' CAPRA
Get situated ORIENT
Go on a shopping spree SPEND
Group of nine ENNEAD
Headliner LEAD
High-five, e.g SLAP
High-maintenance headliner DIVA
Home to the Taj Mahal AGRA
Jackie Robinson, for one DODGER
Kind of jet LEAR
Like plans and eggs LAID
Lines on a map ROADS
Lizard with a crest IGUANA
Loch ___ NESS
Long-running sketch show, in brief SNL
Clues Answers
Macho sorts HEMEN
Math degree? NTH
Motorcycle, in slang HOG
Name for the star on Israel's flag MAGENDAVID
New York City-born ice cream brand with a Danish-sounding name HAAGENDAZS
Next-to-last Greek letter PSI
Off-base? GONEAWOL
Olympic skater Slutskaya IRINA
Passover repasts SEDERS
Perfume ingredient KETONE
Rose or Rozelle of sports PETE
Sailor's speed KNOTS
Salt Lake City resident UTAHAN
See 9-Across AGENDA
Something that can roar or purr ENGINE
Sounded satisfied, say AAHED
Sparkly headpieces TIARAS
Sports star inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 2021 MIAHAMM
Sri Lankan specialty TEA
Start of a conclusion ERGO
Subject of HBO's 2013 biopic 'Behind the Candelabra' LIBERACE
The 'E' in the mnemonic HOMES ERIE
The faintest amount ATRACE
The moon's ___ of Tranquillity SEA
The Wizard of ___ Park (Thomas Edison) MENLO
Third word in many limericks WAS
Tres ___ cake LECHES
Unmitigated ARRANT
Very muscular, in slang SWOLE
Wambach in the National Soccer Hall of Fame ABBY
Wiener schnitzel meat VEAL
With 68-Across, ulterior motive ... or what 21-, 37- and 59-Across each has? HIDDEN
Word before angle or awake WIDE
Word often confused with 'lay' LIE
Wyatt and Virgil of the Wild West EARPS
ZZ Top, for one TRIO
___ Lady (nickname for Margaret Thatcher or the Eiffel Tower) IRON