New York Times - Feb 20 2023

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Clues Answers
'Doonesbury' or 'Dilbert' COMIC
'Dr.' of hip-hop DRE
'Et voilà!' TADA
'Let's go!' CMON
Actor Danson TED
Actor La Salle ERIQ
Add spices to SEASON
Baby bear CUB
Biblical book of sacred poems PSALMS
Big name in canned meat SPAM
Big name in pretzels SNYDERS
Bolivian capital LAPAZ
Bottomless pit ABYSS
Bygone Spanish currency PESETA
Calligrapher's implement PEN
Chaney of old horror films LON
Childish rebuttal DOESSO
Cocktail made with whiskey, honey and lemon HOTTODDY
Court divider NET
Courteous contraction YESM
Daytime television drama SOAPOPERA
Dogs with standard, medium and miniature varieties POODLES
Edmonton's province: Abbr ALB
Electrical panels found in older homes ... or what 18-, 24-, 35- and 53-Across do (regarding each half of each answer)? FUSEBOXES
Enthusiast's mag ZINE
Exclamation at the end of a trip? OOPS
Flowering shrub AZALEA
Frenzied MANIC
Fruits with pits DATES
Garland made with flowers LEI
Government grp. employing ecologists EPA
Greeted the day, say AROSE
Gridiron group rebooted in 2020 XFL
Has staying power LASTS
In ___ (not yet born) UTERO
Jazz duo? ZEES
Kitchen gadget for the health-conscious JUICEPRESS
Clues Answers
Knight's weapon LANCE
Little legume PEA
Most on edge ANTSIEST
Nike, Nestlé or Nabisco BRAND
Octopus antagonist in 'The Little Mermaid' URSULA
On the ball ALERT
Oscar-winning Washington DENZEL
Pastry served with afternoon tea SCONE
Pepto-Bismol dosage CAPFUL
Pigmented rings AREOLAS
Prefix meaning 'very' ULTRA
Protective molar layer ENAMEL
Pure bliss RAPTURE
Region AREA
Respected community leader ELDER
Result of iron deficiency ANEMIA
Rink org NHL
Romantic prospect after swiping right TINDERMATCH
Sgt., e.g NCO
Sinclair who wrote 'Oil!' UPTON
Sounds from fire trucks SIRENS
Stress ball, e.g SQUEEZETOY
Stubborn animal ASS
Suffragist Elizabeth Cady ___ STANTON
Super-duper soup scooper LADLE
Teacher's responsibility CLASS
To and ___ FRO
To-do list task CHORE
Toronto M.L.B. player BLUEJAY
Treasure seeker's aid MAP
U.F.O. pilots, for short ETS
Unlikely philanthropists MISERS
Unusual ODD
Wharton degs MBAS
What kosher seafood has that nonkosher seafood does not SCALES
Wild animals BEASTS
Wrath IRE