Wall Street Journal - Feb 13 2023 - I’m Fine

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Clues Answers
“Antiques Roadshow” network PBS
“Doggone it!” DRAT
“Everything all right?” and a phonetic hint to the circled letters AREYOUOKAY
“Raspberry” headwear in a Prince song BERET
“Rock and Roll, Hoochie ___” (Rick Derringer song) KOO
“Rubber Capital of the World” AKRON
“The Wizard of Menlo Park” EDISON
“Time ___ illusion” ISAN
“Why, of course!” OHYES
“___ Land” (2016 movie) LALA
“___ Night” (Christmas carol) OHOLY
Appliance manual, for example INSTRUCTIONBOOK
Asian gambling hub MACAU
At ___ (puzzled) ALOSS
Audition goal ROLE
Battlefield doc MEDIC
Body midsection TORSO
Bow’s opposite STERN
Calamitous DIRE
Cassis cocktail KIR
Commotion ADO
Consume INGEST
Cut off SEVER
Disorder MESS
Distinctive element of many Van Gogh paintings BRUSHSTROKE
Doing a great service? ACING
Drink that becomes a Cuba Libre if you add lime juice RUMANDCOKE
Endorse digitally ESIGN
Episode lead-in, sometimes RECAP
Fish eggs ROE
Gas meter reading USAGE
Glowing emanation AURA
Gnat or rat, say PEST
Grey and McHale, for two JOELS
Grinning Face With Sweat, for one EMOJI
Hand on a deck SAILOR
High USN rank ADM
Highlands family CLAN
Clues Answers
It’s wrapped up when yoga class wraps up MAT
Japanese currency YEN
Jedi master Obi-Wan KENOBI
Khartoum’s country SUDAN
Letter after sigma TAU
Lollygaggers IDLERS
Lucy pulling the football away in “Peanuts,” e.g RUNNINGJOKE
Matures, as whiskey AGES
Motel worker MAID
Move smoothly GLIDE
NNW’s opposite SSE
Nozzle in a hot tub JET
Opera cheer BRAVO
Part of TGIF ITS
Partner in war ALLY
Pigeon patter COO
Poker chip pile STACK
Pro camera, for short SLR
Protein acid type AMINO
Rains cats and dogs POURS
Rami of “Bohemian Rhapsody” MALEK
Rapidly brightening stars NOVAS
Ride a board or blades SKATE
Rude look STARE
Salon liquid DYE
Shoes with swooshes NIKES
Show-shifting device DVR
Sleeve filler ARM
Snookums BAE
Some early PCs IBMS
Sort ILK
Soup server LADLE
Sun: Prefix HELIO
Tiresome people BORES
Tree secretion RESIN
Wedding reception sight CAKE
White whale of Arctic waters BELUGA
White’s counterpart YOLK
Woolly mothers EWES