USA Today - Mar 12 2023

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Clues Answers
'Harriet, the Moses of ___ People' HER
'How cute!' AWW
'It's the end of an ___' ERA
'No doubt about it!' YES
'Once ___ a time . . .' UPON
'Search Party' actress Shawkat ALIA
'Snakes ___ Plane' ONA
'Tampa ___' (2021 reality show with rival power couples) BAES
'Totally get it' IHEARYA
'___ we forget . . .' LEST
A bunch MANY
Alpine song YODEL
Attorney's field LAW
Birds that can't walk backwards, unlike ostriches EMUS
Butter on chapatis GHEE
Calendar periods (Abbr.) YRS
Chilling in the cooler ONICE
Class with maps WORLDGEOGRAPHY
Color of Turkey's flag RED
Communicate loudly YELL
Container for fruit CRATE
Cross to bear BURDEN
Dark purple berry ACAI
Didn't stay upright LEANED
Dissenting vote NAY
Docs who treat laryngitis ENTS
Does nothing IDLES
Drink that may be mulled CIDER
Droops on the stem WILTS
Edward's mom in 'Twilight' ESME
Energy-efficient bulb LED
Espresso measurement SHOT
Excited EAGER
Fashion designer Jacobs MARC
Feeling relaxed ATEASE
Flash sale phrase ONEDAYONLY
Forever youthful AGELESS
French city with a lion on its flag LYON
Clues Answers
Gift-wrapping need TAPE
Go from solid to liquid MELT
Heavy wind GALE
Humanoid fantasy creatures ORCS
In addition ALSO
Inherited ___ (savings plan) IRA
Is painful HURTS
Island whose highest peak is Kamakou MOLOKAI
Keyhole's place DOOR
King, in Spanish REY
Letter before sigma RHO
Like the texture of some hair COARSE
Male turkey TOM
Mantou ingredient YEAST
Mischievous ones IMPS
Molecule component ATOM
Most of the album cover for SZA's 'SOS' WATER
Mystical glow AURA
Passes into law ENACTS
PGA Championship prize WANAMAKERTROPHY
Pico de gallo ingredient TOMATO
Piece inside a kiwi SEED
Piece of dinnerware DISH
Programs on phones APPS
Regret deeply RUE
Ringed part of a raccoon TAIL
Royal bride's headpiece TIARA
Small amount of salt DASH
Suggest what you'd be willing to pay NAMEAPRICE
Topic on an agenda ITEM
Tunnel sound ECHO
Type of 44-Down named for a capital city ROMA
Vaper's stick ECIG
Web portal that uses Bing MSN
With a scoop on top ALAMODE
Word after 'sacred' or 'holy' COW
Worker protection org OSHA