USA Today - Mar 6 2023

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Clues Answers
'Cha-___!' CHING
'I Must Become a Menace to My Enemies' poet JUNEJORDAN
'I told you so!' SEE
'Wait, ignore me' ILIED
'You don't have to be a jerk about it!' RUDE
'You're gonna have to work for that' EARNIT
'___ Moon' (Brooks & Dunn song) NEON
1976 ___-NBA merger ABA
Allow to use temporarily LEND
Asks too many questions PRIES
Bed size TWIN
Beloved ADORED
Blender setting PUREE
Brief moment SEC
Bucky ___, the Winter Soldier BARNES
Chain with baked goods PANERA
Cleaned up a barbershop SWEPT
Click of the fingers SNAP
Come up with a new name for RETITLE
Country also known as Ayiti HAITI
Coupe, for example CAR
Cube root of this clue's number TWO
Dad's mom NANA
Dad's sister AUNT
Determine through reasoning INFER
Draped South Asian garment SARI
Extend a subscription RENEW
Fashion magazine ELLE
Fast plane JET
Fast punch JAB
Go downhill on a snow day SLED
Got the feeling SENSED
Haunted house sounds MOANS
Holder of paints or eyeshadow PALETTE
Hot-and-cold dessert APPLEPIEALAMODE
Clues Answers
Huge house MANOR
Isaac or the Grouch OSCAR
Jersey number worn by Pele TEN
Largest continent ASIA
Late-20s astrological event SATURNRETURN
Long lock of hair TRESS
Maple tree output SAP
Matching group in a china cabinet TEASET
Not playing around SERIOUS
Paid player PRO
Paid to use temporarily RENTED
Person for whom it's all or nothing PURIST
Person from London or Liverpool BRIT
Play callers on sidelines COACHES
Poker payment ANTE
Publish in the paper PRINT
Rubber involved in 'burning rubber' TIRETREAD
Scold harshly BERATE
Simple houses HUTS
Small earthquake TREMOR
Snow monster YETI
Some baby clothes ONESIES
Songs on the charts HITS
Sprinted RAN
Tacks on ADDS
Term of address that's the same forward and backward MADAM
Term popularized by BP CARBONFOOTPRINT
Thus far YET
Tiebreaker periods, for short OTS
Tiny mound ANTHILL
Try to get into a program APPLY
What genes are made up of DNA
What to do to avoid running out of stock REORDER
___ off (annoyed) TEED
___ out (ignored) TUNED