Universal - Jan 30 2023

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Clues Answers
"CCCCCCC" for "seven seas," e.g REBUS
"Cheers!" or "Salud!" TOAST
"How fancy!" OOLALA
"We ___ Next" (early WNBA campaign) GOT
"Yay, Messi!" OLE
"Yes, mon cheri" OUI
Airport org TSA
Australian gem OPAL
Auto shop cloths RAGS
Bad dice throw CRAP
Bit of matter ATOM
Bob Marley, religiously RASTA
Book part PAGE
Car whose name sounds like an arachnid (... letters 5-10) PORSCHESPYDER
Carolina Hurricanes' org NHL
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
Complex woman of Greek myth? ELECTRA
Continue with the game PLAYON
Corp. big shots CEOS
Do crisscross applesauce, e.g SIT
Facial features in the Rolling Stones logo LIPS
Flabbergast AWE
Formally revises AMENDS
Gets bikini lines, say TANS
Girl at a ball BELLE
Glassblowing, for one ART
Guam's region MICRONESIA
Hard-rock connector ASA
Helps, as a felon ABETS
High-flying toy KITE
Intuit SENSE
Island near Java BALI
Jacob's twin ESAU
Jeong of "The Masked Singer" KEN
Krazy Glue company ELMERS
Leftovers SCRAPS
Like 57-Across, vis-a-vis Jacob OLDER
Clues Answers
Like a stare down INTENSE
Like the photo "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima" ICONIC
Lines scanned at checkout, for short UPC
Loch monster, affectionately NESSIE
Long hikes TREKS
Luna, to the Greeks SELENE
NASCAR sponsor STP
One may craft a fedora HATMAKER
Particle hidden in "pistachio nuts" ION
Perfumed pouch SACHET
Reid of "The Big Lebowski" TARA
Rock's ___ Against the Machine RAGE
Scantron choices ABCD
Seaweed inside an uramaki roll NORI
Secondary personality ALTEREGO
Secretly watch SPY
Sends out EMITS
Slight decrease DOWNTICK
Small quahogs (In this clue's answer, anagram letters 1-9) LITTLENECKCLAMS
Small setback SNAG
Small sticks TWIGS
Stadium level TIER
Start of a TV series EPISODEI
Stonewall ___ INN
Take care of SEETO
The "MB" in Brooklyn's DUMBO (... letters 8-12) MANHATTANBRIDGE
They can be treated with Visine REDEYES
Tomato variety ROMA
Trevor who hosted "The Daily Show" NOAH
Trip-inducing drug LSD
U-turn from WNW ESE
UNC's athletic grp ACC
Up the creek INHOTWATER
Used mouthwash RINSED
Words before a deal, in poker ANTEUP
___-Hoop HULA