Universal - Jan 27 2023

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Clues Answers
"Ciao!" TATA
"Rats!" DANG
"The Canterbury ___" TALES
"Tomorrow" musical ANNIE
'90s optical illusion fad MAGICEYE
Airport screening org TSA
Arabica, for example COFFEEBEAN
Bad time to take stock, maybe? BEARMARKET
Bedlam CHAOS
Bespectacled dwarf DOC
Brings into harmony ATTUNES
Brought under control TAMED
Building add-on ELL
Choice word ELSE
Cobbler's cousin PIE
College VIPs DEANS
Cupid's counterpart EROS
Cupid's teammate DANCER
DIY moving option UHAUL
Dogs with a chocolate variety, for short LABS
Drivers' org AAA
Earthy colour OCHRE
Folklore fiend OGRE
Forever and a day EON
Francis of old TV's "What's My Line?" ARLENE
Fresh-mouthed SASSY
Guitar ridge FRET
In reality, from the Latin DEFACTO
Internet sensation MEME
Iowa home of the Cyclones AMES
It may be inflated EGO
John Lennon hit written as an ode to Yoko Ono WOMAN
Last to arrive at the train station CABOOSE
Make illegal BAN
Make impure TAINT
Mental toughness GRIT
Military flute FIFE
Motor variety for a boat OUTBOARD
New York canal ERIE
Clues Answers
Night lights AURORAS
Notable period ERA
Out of battery power DEAD
Pair from a deck, perhaps? MASTS
PC key used with F4 ALT
Pepper grinder MILL
Performance at the Met OPERA
Peter or Paul, but not Mary APOSTLE
Pi, e.g., in math RATIO
Pop up ARISE
Pound sound ARF
Pretentiously creative ARTSY
Pretzel topper SALT
Really swell NIFTY
Regrets RUES
Settles in like a bird NESTS
Side without the ball DEFENSE
Slip up ERR
Slow-moving animals SLOTHS
Small cities TOWNS
Smooth, musically LEGATO
Soul seller KIA
Sporty Mazdas MIATAS
Spy org CIA
Starting squad ATEAM
Sweetheart FLAME
Symbol of saintliness HALO
Torments to no end EATSAT
Touch lightly TAP
Underworld god HADES
Visual ___ (charts and such) AIDS
West's bridge partner EAST
What a furious person blows GASKET
What snobs put on AIRS
Word that this puzzle's author uses frequently ... and that pairs with both parts of 17-, 25-, 51- and 61-Across BLACK
You can get down from them GEESE
___ Lee desserts SARA
___ Tar Pits (source of more than 3.5 million fossils) LABREA