Universal - Dec 11 2001

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Clues Answers
''--- the thought!'' PERISH
''I'm impressed!'' WOW
''Snatch'' star PITT
''That Girl'' Thomas MARLO
''The Bridge on the River ---'' KWAI
''You got that right!'' ILLSAY
'60s radical org. SDS
Adjective for Abner of Dogpatch LIL
Asimov's domain SCIFI
Baldwin or Guinness ALEC
Blown away AWED
Bout decision TKO
Box-office bargain TWOFER
Camaro model IROC
Certain domestic MAID
Character to whom the question was directed TINWOODSMAN
Character who asked this puzzle's question DOROTHYGALE
City in Kyrgyzstan OSH
Cognizant AWARE
Cole Porter's ''I --- Love'' AMIN
Competitive advantage EDGE
Dare add-on DEVIL
Familiarize with new material ORIENT
Fed a line to CUED
First person, in Vienna ICH
Flooring square TILE
Fluid feeders IVS
Game on felt POOL
Get into shape TONEUP
Get one's ducks in --- AROW
Get the picture SEE
Gives the green light to OKS
Go off course ERR
Green assistant? CADDIE
Hard water? ICE
Hubbub ADO
Incoming flight info ETA
It's not to be believed LIE
Jazz pianist Blake EUBIE
Clues Answers
Jean-___ Picard LUC
Kind of formality MERE
L.B.J.'s veep HHH
Lacking enough money SHY
Marriage acquisitions, for some STEPSONS
Mice may rest on them PADS
Military stockpile AMMO
Models of perfection IDEALS
Mountain song YODEL
Nonverbal communication of a sort EYECONTACT
One with pressing duties? IRONER
OT book about a census NUM
Panhandle BEG
Peruvian transport LLAMA
Potter's apparatus WHEEL
Quick as lightning INAWINK
Refuse a raise? FOLD
Rent LET
She brings in the bucks? DOE
Singer Amos TORI
Skywalker's mentor YODA
Slower than andante ADAGIO
Sobriquet MONIKER
Soup vegetable LEEK
Start a hand ANTE
Stephen of ''The Crying Game'' REA
Summer hrs. in the Rockies MDT
Take your pick OPT
The day before EVE
They make waves OCEANS
Ticklish toy ELMO
Tolstoy's Karenina ANNA
Total, as an automobile WRECK
U-turn from ENE WSW
Upper part TOP
With 48-Across, soothing question in ''The Wizard of Oz'' WHEREDOYOUWANT
Words of outrage WELLINEVER