New York Times - Jan 15 2023

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Clues Answers
'Downton Abbey' role CORA
'Go ahead, shoot!' ASKME
'Great Caesar's ghost!' EGADS
'I can't believe this!' UGH
'In a nutshell' ... or an alternative title for this puzzle? TOMAKEALONGSTORYSHORT
'Key of the Nile' ANKH
'No. Way!' WHOA
'Rapunzel' or 'Rumpelstiltskin' FAIRYTALE
'Shame!' TSK
'The Taming of the Shrew' sister BIANCA
'Toy Story' toy torturer SID
'Uncle!' STOP
'What's the ___?' MATTER
'___ What ___' (song from 'La Cage aux Folles') IAM
'___: The Smartest Guys in the Room' (2005 documentary) ENRON
000-00-0002, for Mr. Burns on 'The Simpsons': Abbr SSN
A.F.L. All-Time Team member with a law degree RONMIX
Act out? MIME
Addressed SEENTO
Adspeak claim of convenience NOMESS
Advanced LENT
After-hours conveniences ATMS
Amazon device ECHO
Apt name for a protestor? NEAL
Asteroid discovered in 1898 EROS
Basis for an annual Forbes list NETWORTH
Bosnian's neighbor SERB
Burner on a range? CAMPFIRE
Busy month for a C.P.A APR
Carving station option ROASTPORK
Cater (to) PANDER
Celebratory smoke CIGAR
Celebrity chef DiSpirito ROCCO
Certain collateral LIEN
Chicken ___ (South Asian dish) KORMA
City that lends its name to a variety of ice cream NAPLES
College athletics channel ESPNU
Comedy talk show from 2003 to 2022, familiarly ELLEN
Coming-of-age novel about a teenage boy and his isolation [1951, 1986] THECATCHERINTHERYE
Convict, in old slang YARDBIRD
Cry at an amusement park WHEE
D.O.J. branch DEA
Danger PERIL
Deets, say INFO
Default search engine for Microsoft Edge BING
Degree in mathematics? NTH
Doggy's sound YIP
Drudges PEONS
Eat, baby-style SUCKLE
Exams that are essentially impossible to study for EYETESTS
Farm cry BAA
Fashion letters DKNY
Federal agent who was the inspiration for Dick Tracy NESS
Gamer's headache LAG
German refusal NEIN
Gin add-in SLOE
Go head-to-head (with) COMPETE
Grp. promoting world peace UNESCO
Halloween symbol BAT
Hawaiian fish also called a wahoo ONO
Helpful connections INS
Hobgoblin IMP
Hydrogen's atomic number ONE
Imitation MOCK
Is worth it PAYSOFF
It's just what you'd expect NORM
It's symbolized by a crescent moon and star ISLAM
Itch YEN
Jewish folklore creature GOLEM
Job listing letters EEO
Clues Answers
Juicy gossip DIRT
Just peachy AOK
Kinda getting up there OLDISH
Kleenex : tissue :: ___ : sticky note POSTIT
Laptop brand ACER
Lawyer's favorite dessert? TORTE
Leave gobsmacked AWE
Like an old apple MEALY
Like pangolins and armadillos SCALY
Locale for many Panhellenic Games NEMEA
Magnum opus about a young man, family and the concept of free will [1866, 1965] CRIMEANDPUNISHMENT
Major and Commander, to Biden PETS
Manatee SEACOW
Mercury and Mars, for two TENORS
Michigan liberal arts college ALMA
Modern kind of purchase INAPP
More loaded, as a wallet FATTER
Music to a masseur's ears AHS
Name that means 'king' REX
Nightmare ORDEAL
Not according to plan AWRY
Old-timey 'listen' HARKEN
One of a classic septet LUST
One of Cuba's Castros RAUL
One of many in the 'Disney Morgue' CEL
Optimizes, as an engine RETUNES
Pacific weather phenomenon ELNINO
Parent REAR
Paul who painted 'Cat and Bird' KLEE
Persian Gulf territory EMIRATE
Phenomenon also known as data decay BITROT
Philosopher Rand who rejected altruism AYN
Piercing tool AWL
Play about love and heartbreak in ancient Greece [1605, 431 B.C.] AMIDSUMMERNIGHTSDREAM
Play-___ DOH
Poker great Ungar STU
Polynesian greeting ALOHA
Prefix with hotel ECO
Protein-rich blood components SERA
Rapper ___ Thee Stallion MEGAN
Scoreboard letters at MetLife Stadium NYG
Shire of 'The Godfather' TALIA
Small word for small LIL
Some classic jeans LEES
Some F.D.N.Y. pros EMTS
Stadium chant OLEOLE
Stoat in its white winter coat ERMINE
Subject line abbreviation FWD
Superlative score APLUS
Tale about soldiers and treachery in southern Europe [1940, 1603] FORWHOMTHEBELLTOLLS
Tethered LASHED
Time measurement SPAN
Timeless children's classic about country dwellers' friendships [1908, 1881] THEWINDINTHEWILLOWS
Title for Charlie Chaplin SIR
Turn from an old pallet into a bookcase, for example UPCYCLE
V8 debut of 1964 GTO
Veered, as an airplane YAWED
Vented appliance DRYER
Voice role for Snoop Dogg in 2019's 'The Addams Family' ITT
Wackadoo NUTSY
Wallach of 'Baby Doll' ELI
Warren in the Baseball Hall of Fame SPAHN
Wheels AUTOS
Where people might come to a happy medium? SEANCE
Wild group, for short NHL
Yellow-brown shade WHEATEN
Zhuzh (up) AMP
___ Gadot of 'Wonder Woman' GAL