Universal - Dec 26 2022

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Clues Answers
"Holy cow!" OHMY
"Isn't ___ Lovely" (Stevie Wonder hit) SHE
"Lay it on me" IMALLEARS
"Ms. ___-Man" (arcade game) PAC
"Plus ..." ALSO
"Speaking Truth to Power" author Hill ANITA
"That was close!" PHEW
"___, ___, Crocodile" LYLE
"___-a-me, Mario!" ITS
*Christmas singer who sometimes does a hair flip in her music videos? MARIAHCAREY
*Communications field in which you spin a tale? (Hint: An apt word appears backward in each starred clue's answer) PUBLICRELATIONS
*Extreme infrequency in which you'll see a turn of events? ALMOSTNEVER
*Reality show featuring a role reversal? THEBACHELORETTE
20-ounce Starbucks order VENTILATTE
African nation whose flag is nearly identical to Romania's CHAD
Air pump letters PSI
Apt anagram for "listen" SILENT
As late as, for short TIL
Bad Bunny's genre RAP
Ballet pivot point TOE
Bear in a 2012 film TED
Boardroom VIP CEO
Breakfast or brunch MEAL
Charged particles IONS
Eye ailment STYE
Fingernail treatment, casually MANI
Florida city near Silver Springs OCALA
Florida theme park EPCOT
Fresh haircut NEWDO
Fuel efficiency abbr MPG
Game with Wild cards UNO
Geometry calculation AREA
Get better HEAL
Glistening SHIMMERY
Goal AIM
Gobbled up ATE
Clues Answers
Harmonizes, as devices SYNCS
Hearing-related AURAL
Hundred ___ Wood ACRE
Ilhan reelected in 2022 OMAR
Imitate MIMIC
Jewish "Feast of Lots" PURIM
Laid-back, informally CHILL
Lightly burn CHAR
More timid SHYER
Mud bath site SPA
Museum guide's offering TOUR
NBA score units PTS
Nemesis, say RIVAL
Overused expression CLICHE
Pack (down) TAMP
Parisitic person LEECH
Peach ___ (dessert) MELBA
Piece of art accompanying music ALBUMCOVER
Pirate's vessel SHIP
Played a role ACTED
Pool stick CUE
Roll call response HERE
Romantic couple ITEM
Round earring option HOOP
Salt, to a chemist NACL
Sancocho or etouffee STEW
Sound boosters AMPS
Sounds of satisfaction AAHS
Splotch STAIN
Star Wars Day's month MAY
Star-nosed lawn pests MOLES
Sunrise direction EAST
Surprisingly dairy-free cookie OREO
Taken-back auto REPO
Thorny flowers ROSES
Unpredictable venture CRAPSHOOT
Wishing spot WELL
Word after "city" or "study" HALL