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Clues Answers
"... — it just me?" ORIS
"Ad — per aspera" ASTRA
"Help yourself!," elementally? BERYLLIUMMYGUEST
"How funny" HAHA
"March comes in like — ..." ALION
"Moneytalks" rock band ACDC
"Not gonna happen," elementally? NOBELIUMCANDO
"Poultry in motion," e.g PUN
"Rats!" DARN
"So long!" SEEYA
"The Thin Man" dog ASTA
"You have my word," elementally? IODINEWOULDNTLIE
"— tree falls in the forest ..." IFA
1998 Spike Lee film, elementally? HELIUMGOTGAME
About to receive something special, elementally? INDIUMFORATREAT
Absorb, as spilled ink or gravy BLOTUP
Actress Caron LESLIE
Afflictions ILLS
Alarm clock heeders RISERS
Ancient Cuzco citizen INCA
Arena area TIER
Asterisk STAR
Baldwin of "It's Complicated" ALEC
Be jealous of ENVY
Being tried, legally ATBAR
Besides that ELSE
Bill Clinton's veep, elementally? ALUMINUMGORE
Brand of shoes and leather goods ECCO
Brief swim DIP
Bro's sibling SIS
Bullring cheer OLE
Canon camera line EOS
Cell with an axon NEURON
Chou En- — LAI
Civil War prez ABE
Colleague of Trotsky LENIN
Collect GARNER
Committing a basketball infraction FOULING
Company ID LOGO
Copious, as sweating PROFUSE
Cruel Roman emperor NERO
Cyclotron bit ION
Declared it to be true SAIDSO
Dessert, to a Brit AFTERS
Detective Briscoe on "Law and Order" LENNIE
Didn't waste USED
Dog sound ARF
Don of talk radio IMUS
Dutch South African BOER
Ear ailment OTITIS
Edenic locale UTOPIA
Ensnares NETS
Equine hybrid MULE
Extremist sect CULT
Financial backer FUNDER
Football great John MADDEN
French city ROUEN
French painter Edgar DEGAS
Gad about ROAM
Gear piece COG
Gimlet liquor GIN
Gunpowder or matcha GREENTEA
Hoopster — Abdul-Jabbar KAREEM
Ice needles, e.g CRYSTALS
ICU staffers RNS
Injury, to a tot OWIE
Insect stages LARVAE
Intend (to) AIM
Clues Answers
Iron source ORE
Irritates GALLS
Kid's "cootie" GERM
Language of Rome, to its natives ITALIANO
Lass GAL
Lead-in to Magnon CRO
Legal aide, e.g.: Abbr ASST
Legal aide, for short PARA
Letter stroke SERIF
Like Columbus, by birth GENOESE
Like LeBron James, a record 18 times ALLNBA
Like many big grins TOOTHY
Liqueur akin to sambuca ANISETTE
Livestock pen CORRAL
Low seats with no backs POUFFES
Lucy of "Elementary" LIU
Madison Ave. products ADS
Make illegal BAN
Meeting secretly, in a way TRYSTING
Miss Poppins MARY
N-R linkup OPQ
Not far from NEAR
Notion IDEA
Off-kilter ATILT
On the job ATIT
Ontarians' national anthem, elementally? OXYGENCANADA
Overhead rails ELS
Pair DUO
Pizza cooker OVEN
Polenta base CORNMEAL
Port in Norway OSLO
Prominent people NOTABLES
Provo's state UTAH
Puccini opera, elementally? LANTHANUMBOHEME
Purple hue MAUVE
Put down LAY
Red cosmetic ROUGE
Rejoinder to "Am not!" ARETOO
Rx requests MEDS
Sedating Vicks product NYQUIL
See 45-Down OPENER
Shot — (ice hockey stat) ONGOAL
Sickly pale WAN
Skylit lobbies ATRIA
Smiles evilly SNEERS
Smitten romantically INLOVE
Snake type BOA
Spa scrubber LOOFAH
Stat of engine speed RPM
Strayed off course DEVIATED
Surrender CEDE
ThinkPad's original co IBM
Thirst for DESIRE
Thor and Loki GODS
Toddler, in Turin BAMBINO
Tuscan tourist city SIENA
TV's — May Clampett ELLY
Unearth EXPOSE
Unpaved road surface GRAVEL
Upgrade electrically REWIRE
Utilize sparingly CONSERVE
Vital vessel AORTA
Weird sort CREEP
Whale pod GAM
Whitewater transports RAFTS
Wine storage locale CELLAR
With 67-Down, kitchen tool CAN
Without requiring me to change ASIAM
— of March IDES
— Tin Tin RIN