New York Times - Dec 10 2022

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Clues Answers
'All right!' SUPER
'___ dead, Jim' HES
Became smitten FELLINLOVE
Bhikkhu's teacher LAMA
Big affair FEST
Cricketer's 100-run streaks CENTURIES
Descriptor for gray-blond hair ASHY
Develops hearing loss GOESDEAF
Ejections HEAVEHOS
Evidence of one's hang-ups? DIALTONES
Exact hits MATCHES
Eye exam you need to pass? IRISSCAN
Flat bottoms SOLES
Flour ground in a chakki ATTA
Focused attention on SPOTLIT
Foot ___ FETISH
G, in C SOL
Game that helps teach object permanence PEEKABOO
Gate postings, briefly ETAS
Geographical heptad SEAS
Had a solo dinner 'date' ATEALONE
Head LAV
Heads of staffs? ORBS
Icon for airplane passengers SEATBELT
Its symbol is WOOF on Nasdaq PETCO
Jack rabbits, but not rabbits HARES
Let-them-eat-cake occasion? CHEATDAY
Like the habitat for camels ARID
Machine that gives paper a smooth finish HOTPRESS
Mathematician Terence who won a Fields Medal at age 31 TAO
Clues Answers
Meets expectations, in a way MAKESPAR
Mildred D. ___, author of 'Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry,' 1977 TAYLOR
Move so as to evade detection, in a way FLYLOW
Mug shot subject? LATTEART
Necklace closure CLASP
Not as adventurous TAMER
Part of an epic verse CANTO
Passage in a cemetery EPITAPH
Pays someone back GETSEVEN
Plain protuberance MESA
Postpone SHELVE
Preakness or Belmont STAKES
Rock-forming mineral that makes up over half of the earth's crust FELDSPAR
Set askew TILT
Soaks (up) SOPS
Spreads out in a bed? SOWS
Stephen of the Field Day Theatre Company REA
Sunday parking spots? PEWS
The Father of ___, moniker for the inventor Leo Baekeland PLASTICS
They make waves for viewers TVTOWERS
Time to read the Haggadah PASSOVER
Weapon with a point d'arrêt EPEE
Website with adoptable virtual creatures NEOPETS
Where making a hasty exit is encouraged ESCAPEROOM
Woe for winter travelers ICESTORM
Word with pocket or bag AIR
[See fine print] STAR
___-faire SAVOIR