Universal - Dec 4 2022

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Clues Answers
"Delicious!" YUM
"First I'm hearing of this" NEWSTOME
"Heck yeah!" DARNTOOTIN
"It's for real!" THISISNOTADRILL
"Makes sense?" AREWECLEAR
"My Brilliant Friend" author Ferrante ELENA
"SNL" alum Leslie JONES
"Stranger Things" breakfast brand EGGO
"___ whiz!" GEE
Abbr. used when first hearing of something TIL
Against ___ odds ALL
Alluring smells AROMAS
Archipelago part ISLE
Attach, as a button SEWON
Bird venerated in ancient Egypt IBIS
Block, as a stream DAMUP
Chapters of history ERAS
Cheeky attitude SASS
Defeats, as a Pokemon or a boxer KOS
Drag queen Bianca ___ Rio DEL
Drip source in an ICU IVBAG
Dryer accumulation LINT
Early film storage devices MOVIEREELS
East, in Spanish ESTE
Eclair filling CREAM
Electrolyte particles IONS
Estrangement RIFT
Eyelid hair LASH
Fair-hiring letters EEO
Flats worn while bending BALLETSHOES
Floral garland LEI
Focused on victory INITTOWINIT
Forensic TV franchise CSI
Former Soviet leader Khrushchev NIKITA
From Geneva, perhaps SWISS
Got high in the mountains? SKIJUMPED
In favor of FOR
Clues Answers
Indigenous language on some Canadian street signs CREE
Intro courses? SOUPS
Is excused for poor behavior GETSAPASS
Last mo. in Q3 SEP
Make it official SEALTHEDEAL
Malice SPITE
Naughty child's gift from Santa COAL
Nickname found in "Maria" ARI
One-named Greek musician YANNI
Orgs. organizing bake sales PTAS
Paint the ___ red TOWN
Papas DADS
Party poopers SPOILSPORTS
Planet orbiter MOON
Pool party outfit SWIMSUIT
Poor grade DPLUS
Protein source for Ripple milk PEA
Roofing gunk TAR
Sappho's "___ to Aphrodite" ODE
Sites for gender affirmation surgery: Abbr ORS
Small deviation BLIP
Small quibble NIT
Software coder, for short DEV
Sprinted RAN
Symbol on the 23-Down flag CROSS
Totally unacceptable SONOTOK
Tractor maker DEERE
Twinkling thing STAR
Vietnamese New Year TET
Wheat in some grain bowls SPELT
Wind instrument? VANE
Word after "foot" or "side" STEP
Young woman GAL
___ & Young (accounting firm) ERNST
___-weekly (indie paper) ALT