New York Times - Nov 23 2022

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Clues Answers
'As a matter of fact, that's right' WHYYES
'Oh, fudge!' AWNUTS
'Patton' or 'Platoon' WARDRAMA
'Where the Wild Things ___' ARE
'You really came through, buddy!' MYMAN
*Red and yellow circles MASTERCARDLOGO
*Red, yellow and green circles TRAFFICLIGHT
*Red, yellow, green and blue circles TWISTERMAT
*Red, yellow, green, blue and black circles OLYMPICRINGS
Abbr. preceded by a comma ETC
Absorb, as new information DIGEST
Ancient letter RUNE
Assent in the House YEA
Author Janowitz TAMA
Boring routine, metaphorically RUT
Comes to TOTALS
Coolers, for short ACS
Descriptor for a candle or a party LIT
Energy field that can be 'read' AURA
Evergreen tree with poisonous seeds YEW
Expressed agitation, as a llama SPAT
Falafel-making need OIL
Figure in Maori mythology TIKI
Gemstone that can come from petrified wood OPAL
Genetic messenger RNA
Gesture of greeting or gratitude HATTIP
Goof ERR
Home of 'Cribs' MTV
In-flight announcement, for short ETA
International brand with a three-syllable name IKEA
Italian tire company PIRELLI
Jet-setter's need PASSPORT
Laughing syllables HAHAS
Like :( vis-à-vis :/ WORSE
Clues Answers
Like a mocking grin WRY
List at a department of motor vehicles FEES
Many a download PDF
Modern ___ ERA
Natural resource? RAWTALENT
Natural stew thickener OKRA
Not on the rocks NEAT
One of many for the goddess Durga ARM
Pile of paper REAM
Poet Elizabeth Bishop's alma mater VASSAR
Poet who wrote 'The cow is of the bovine ilk; / One end is moo, the other, milk' NASH
Profound DEEP
Quattro meno uno TRE
Response to 'Who's in?' IAM
Rhyming parent of a lamb RAM
Run away suddenly DARTOFF
Say what you want? ORDER
Singer/songwriter with the 2021 Oscar-winning song 'Fight for You' HER
Social service? TEASET
Sole ONE
Some 911 call respondents, in brief EMTS
Sound a wader makes SLOSH
Stuff CRAM
Super-tight grasp DEATHGRIP
Symptom of urban expansion SPRAWL
Takes care of taxes without help from the post office EFILES
Tennis champion Naomi OSAKA
Test taken in a tube, in brief MRI
TV series with a Time Lord, informally DRWHO
TV's Grey and House, for short MDS
Wait around LINGER
What 'port' is on a ship LEFTSIDE
Word before bull or after ball PIT
Worshiped person IDOL
___ Mountains, formation made by the collision of the continents Laurasia and Kazakhstania URAL
___/them pronouns THEY