Universal - Nov 13 2022

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Clues Answers
"And here it is!" TADA
"Are you ___ serious?!" BEING
"I'll do it!" YES
"That's no surprise" ITFIGURES
"We're gonna have to wait and see" TIMEWILLTELL
"Well, maybe ..." IMNOTREALLYSURE
"___ no biggie" ITS
(Hi, I'm a cow!) MOO
1984 Madonna hit about her desire for affluence MATERIALGIRL
Actress Gadot GAL
Admirer FAN
Atrocities EVILS
Bite gingerly NIBBLE
Clay figure in Jewish folklore GOLEM
Comment after successive successes IMONAROLL
Congressman Swalwell ERIC
Cybercommerce ETAIL
Fill with food SATE
First James Bond movie DRNO
Fish such as Flotsam and Jetsam in "The Little Mermaid" EELS
Formally give up CEDE
Four Corners tribe UTE
Freelancer's guideline, briefly SPEC
Fried ball in a pita FALAFEL
Fruit soda brand FANTA
Genre often played at nightclubs HOUSEMUSIC
Got in one's birthday suit BAREDITALL
Has a hunch FEELS
Hematite and magnetite, e.g ORES
HGTV's "Fixer ___" UPPER
High cost for a Super Bowl spot ADRATE
Laundry detergent brand TIDE
Like a loop within a loop, in programming NESTED
Little lie FIB
Look over EYE
Clues Answers
Looked bad, in comparison PALED
Misplace LOSE
Mouthy? ORAL
Movement to a Celia Cruz tune SALSADANCE
Not relaxed TENSE
Observe Bike to Work Day, say CYCLE
Old-timey "before" ERE
Opposite of messy NEAT
Otherwordly beings, for short ETS
Outer edge RIM
Permitted ALLOWED
Picks on TEASES
Pointer in a gauge NEEDLE
Pole for steering a boat OAR
Precollege test scored out of 36 ACT
Prefix meaning "both" AMBI
Premium cable channel HBO
Put in office ELECT
Radiate EMIT
Rainbow Kitten Surprise or U2 BAND
Resident of the Leaning Tower's city PISAN
Semiconscious state TRANCE
Shoulder muscle, for short DELT
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Strong suit? PLATEARMOR
Suffix with "Japan" ESE
Supply chain's subj ECON
Toward the back of a ship AFT
Tuscaloosa school, for short BAMA
Unexpected win UPSET
Vehicle parked at Wayne Manor BATMOBILE
Video-chatted, maybe FACETIMED
Wall climber IVY
___ between the lines READ
___ del Carmen, Mexico PLAYA
___ guzzler GAS