USA Today - Dec 8 2022

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Clues Answers
'Alas!' sound SIGH
'Fire' gem OPAL
'I call that one!' DIBS
'Rap Sh!t' track with the lyric 'livin' rent-free in his pockets' SEDUCEANDSCHEME
'The earlier the better!' ASAP
'The radical act of caring for each other while working to change the world,' per Dean Spade MUTUALAID
'Whenever you have time!' NORUSH
'Where You Lead,' for 'Gilmore Girls' THEMESONG
Actress Jessica BIEL
At the ___ (in charge) HELM
Bad mood SNIT
Basil, for example HERB
Big primates APES
Bric-a-___ BRAC
Cards that can be high or low ACES
Chicken ___ (fried Japanese dish) KATSU
Children's illustrator Carle ERIC
Close confidant, for short BFF
Dark purple fruit ELDERBERRY
Drug aka 'the spirit molecule' DMT
Edge of a skirt HEM
FC Dallas plays in it MLS
Female sheep EWE
First Amendment topic FREESPEECH
Football gains (Abbr.) YDS
Formal agreement PACT
Got takeout, for example ATEIN
Hawaiian instrument, for short UKE
Hesitating sounds UHS
In need of an activity BORED
Indian Ocean island country EASTTIMOR
James ___ Jones EARL
Jean-___ Picard LUC
Kitten noise MEOW
Large wooden barrel CASK
Like raw cookie dough UNBAKED
Mac alternatives PCS
Material that can be distressed DENIM
Clues Answers
Moisturizer form CREAM
Mosquito stoppers NETS
Movie runtime units (Abbr.) HRS
Noodles, etc PASTA
Out of style DATED
Part of a bird's nest TWIG
Perimeter EDGE
Person from Edinburgh SCOT
Place in a mall SHOP
Player of a large brass instrument TUBIST
Prefix larger than tera- PETA
Protein for non-vegetarians MEAT
Roused from sleep WOKE
Ruby anniversaries FORTIETHS
Sequoia or baobab TREE
Serious in demeanor STERN
Sheepskin boots UGGS
Short-lived EPHEMERAL
Sleeping sound SNORE
Small insects ANTS
Small piece SCRAP
Sound of a bubble bursting POP
Sound rebound ECHO
Store for later, like a cold drink KEEPONICE
The talk of the ___ TOWN
Time periods ERAS
Tomato impact sound SPLAT
Travel stats ETAS
UK TV network BBC
Vegetable in banh khoai mon TARO
Versatile bag TOTE
Worn-down crayons NUBS
Yellowjacket or hornet WASP
___ basil THAI
___ Crunch cereal CAPN
___ the line (was obedient) TOED
___ Turner's rebellion NAT