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Clues Answers
"Clever plan!" NEATIDEA
"Easy there!" WHOA
"Oh, I see" GOTIT
"Peer —" (Ibsen play) GYNT
"That so?" ISIT
"That's what I'm — about!" TALKIN
1860s White House nickname ABE
1920s White House nickname CAL
2022 Tom Cruise sequel TOPGUNMAVERICK
Abbr. of primary colors RGB
Acct. accrual INT
Act division SCENE
Actor Close ERIC
Actress Bow CLARA
Admission ENTRY
Architect Saarinen EERO
Attu's islands ALEUTIANS
Barley brew ALE
Basketball player Gasol PAU
Be rife (with) TEEM
Beast of burden ASS
Big drink SWIG
Blue-eyed cat SIAMESE
Boo-boo ERROR
Borderline of bushes HEDGEROW
Broody music genre EMO
Brunch staple OMELET
Capitol body SENATE
Certain bolt holder TNUT
Clock datum TIME
Club wielders' org PGA
Co. honchos CEOS
Cole Porter's "Where Is the Life That Late —?" ILED
Copying a cat MEOWING
Copying a pig OINKING
Couturier Cassini OLEG
Cpl., e.g NCO
Cpls.' bosses SGTS
Dressed in WORE
Drinking site BAR
Duel sword SABER
Dueler with Alexander Hamilton AARONBURR
Easily deceived sort LIVEONE
Fail to win LOSE
Farm vehicle TRACTOR
Fire hydrant attachment HOSE
Firearm safety feature TRIGGERLOCK
Flight routes AIRWAYS
Former Fox competitor UPN
Former Laker Lamar ODOM
French composer Édouard LALO
Frontier sheriff Wyatt EARP
Frozen drink brand ICEE
Go left, e.g TURN
Harmonious union ACCORD
Heartfelt EARNEST
Ia. neighbor NEB
In the past AGO
Indian wraps SARIS
It's north of Nevada OREGON
It's north of Nevada IDAHO
Italian money EURO
K.P. veggie SPUD
La Forge of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" GEORDI
Lean- — (crude sheds) TOS
Libyan cash DINAR
Loafing sorts IDLERS
Look at yet again to make sure TRIPLECHECK
Look awed GAPE
Lot divisions ACRES
Loudness VOLUME
Clues Answers
Lover boy BEAU
Makes docile TAMES
Many a seized auto REPO
Messes (up) LOUSES
Messiah of Christianity, in Italy GESU
Nauseous from motion, to Brits TRAVELSICK
Newspapers, TV, etc MEDIA
Old Greek region IONIA
One looting SACKER
Oven shelf RACK
Owing no money DEBTFREE
Part of SSE EAST
Pizzazz ELAN
Played Fortnite, e.g GAMED
Plug tightly SEAL
Politico Ross PEROT
Pop diva Celine DION
Poseidon and Neptune SEAGODS
Pottery oven KILN
Pro bono TV ad, for short PSA
Procedure to evaluate heart health TREADMILLTEST
Proficient ADEPT
Project detail SPEC
Purview AREA
Qatari capital DOHA
Qatari, e.g ARAB
Reality TV's Jenner KRIS
Regarding INRE
Rolled the dice at a casino, say TRIEDONESLUCK
Roughly shaped LUMPISH
Sam Spade's cover-up TRENCHCOAT
Scarlet, say RED
Sean of films PENN
Search for hidden objects TREASUREHUNT
Search out SEEK
Second-century pope PIUSI
Sediments SILTS
See 109-Down RYAN
Simian beast APE
Singer Lana Del — REY
Situated on both sides of ASTRIDE
Skiing stuff SNOW
Skip over, as a syllable ELIDE
Small British cafe TEASHOP
Some milk dispensers UDDERS
Spanish appetizers TAPAS
Spot in la mer ILE
Sprinter Bolt USAIN
Statement that might follow "Come on in" THEWATERSGREAT
Steve of country rock EARLE
Stew sphere PEA
Stork relative IBIS
String after Q RST
Suddenly worsen FLAREUP
T. — Price ROWE
Teensy bit SKOSH
Thrash about FLAIL
Tolkien monsters ORCS
Tusked beast ELEPHANT
Vodka brand SKYY
Warn like a snake or cat HISSAT
Water, in Lille EAU
What is found divided at the starts and ends of nine answers in this puzzle TRICKORTREAT
With 35-Across, player of Granny on "The Beverly Hillbillies" IRENE
Wonderwork MIRACLE
Young lady GAL
Young lady MISS
— One (vodka brand) KETEL
— wrench ALLEN