L.A. Times Daily - Sep 23 2022

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Clues Answers
"A Whole New World" film ALADDIN
"Although ... " YET
"Cure Ignorance" online anthology UTNE
"Dress for Less" clothing chain ROSS
"More or less" SORTA
"Peace!," and a hint to how the answers to the starred clues were formed IMOUT
"Sounds like a good time" OHFUN
"The Villain in Black" rapper MC __ REN
"What __ missing?" AMI
*Blazer to wear to Cub Scout meetings? DENJACKET
*Music for couch potatoes? SEDENTARYROCK
*Professional who helps name timeline segments? AGECONSULTANT
*Stance taken by a Marvel character, perhaps? SUPERPOSE
Absorb, with "up" SOP
ACLU concern RTS
Acute anxiety ANGST
Annoyed sound UGH
Ballpark snack SOFTPRETZEL
Brussels-based gp NATO
Bus. letters INC
Charitable GIVING
Clooney Foundation for Justice co-founder AMAL
Communication syst. used in the film "CODA" ASL
Convenes SITS
Cried for cider? ANAGRAM
Cross with MADAT
Curly-tailed dog AKITA
Drift off NOD
Etching supply ACIDS
Family group CLAN
Fatty compound LIPID
Fellow LAD
First Nations people of Canada CREE
Flawless IDEAL
Freezing rain SLEET
Freshen, as a stamp pad REINK
Golf stroke that can be practiced in a hallway PUTT
Happening EVENT
Clues Answers
Invite to enter ASKIN
Kissing on the kiss cam, say PDA
Kraken's home SEA
Language that gives us "pajamas" and "shampoo" HINDI
Literary homage ODE
Malek of "Mr. Robot" RAMI
Mercury Seven astronaut Grissom GUS
Most arid DRIEST
Much, casually LOTSA
Musical introduction? ACTONE
NYC summer hrs EDT
Outback flock EMUS
Pad sharer ROOMIE
Pastry bag filler ICING
PBS "Science Kid" SID
Peculiar ODD
Pitching area SALES
Preserves fruit GUAVA
Put two and two together? ADDED
Quaint affirmative YESM
Related AKIN
Rendezvous best not posted on Facebook TRYST
River connecting Pittsburgh to the Mississippi OHIO
Rope fiber SISAL
Soft palate part UVULA
Specialist in body language? PANTOMIMIST
Start to cut? UPPER
Stubble remover RAZOR
Synchronicity UNISON
Toolbox item PLIERS
Triage M.D ERDOC
Undefeated boxer Laila ALI
Withering look GLARE
Word in a Spanish love poem AMO
__ collar ETON
__ Mahal TAJ
__-mo SLO
__-ski APRES