The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,099 - Sep 22 2022

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Clues Answers
Beautiful nose almost starts to impede Cleopatra SCENIC
Bird out of one's tree CUCKOO
Brownish-yellow brooch repaired in part OCHRE
Date after work for Aida, perhaps OPERA
Dressing before shaving PREPARING
Fairly fair PRETTY
Fee from cleaner gets reduced by 50 per cent CHARGE
Get away without first attempt at whipping boy SCAPEGOAT
Guess I'm stuck in car? ESTIMATE
Hostile and cool on returning after tip from Mad Hatter MILLINER
Image capturing fish in river? On the contrary TROPE
Keep most important article in container MAINTAIN
Model, tense, put up with picture inside TYPICAL
Most wild adult tigers shot after noon ANGRIEST
Object keeping bosom confined ENCLOSED
Clues Answers
One stirring tea bloke mixed with rum, right? TROUBLEMAKER
Permit wearing couple's jewellery BRACELETS
Praise former lover to all in the centre EXTOL
Previous editor continued LASTED
Refuse tango with dare-devil TRASH
Relative peace, finally, in French city NIECE
Relieved after cold came to an end CEASED
School leader hides master's blunders HEADMISTRESS
Selecting chinos, go to get changed CHOOSING
Shy ostlers regularly ignored animals COYOTES
Small cat hurts no European bears STOMACHS
This writer has got upset with student's wickedness EVIL
Tube stations? CHANNELS
Wine, not cold, I drink SAKI
Wrong chapter held by rector in training INCORRECT