Wall Street Journal - Sep 22 2022 - Score!

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Clues Answers
“Did you try rebooting?” asker ITPRO
“Keep Off” on a front porch? STOOPSIGN
“Voice of Israel” author Abba EBAN
“___ in the bag!” ITS
“___ It Funky” (James Brown album) AINT
“___ spiro spero” (South Carolina motto) DUM
1980s Dodge model OMNI
Angst-ridden music EMO
Average of cinco and once OCHO
Beat, but barely NOSED
Beth’s preceder ALEPH
BMW-produced auto MINI
Bowler’s spot HEAD
Broadway Rose after Ethel and Angela TYNE
Catchphrase from a Mac campaign IMAPC
Chances ODDS
Comical Kristen wearing a fat suit? BIGWIIG
Confident declaration ICAN
Düsseldorf denial NEIN
Distinguished NOTED
Durango daddy PAPI
Exploit FEAT
Famous reason to sleep in the stable? CLOSEDINN
Field yield CROP
Food bank worker, to some? SUPPERHERO
Forever stamp limit OUNCE
Former JFK lander TWA
Garfield, e.g CAT
Gets into hot water, perhaps STEEPS
Greyhound habitat? DEPOT
Having a key TONAL
Having made a “whoooosh!” sound, perhaps SENT
Hosp. area ICU
It won’t spare you the drama SOAPOPERA
Japanese soup base MISO
Jazz or Blues, e.g TEAM
Clues Answers
Julia of “Smilla’s Sense of Snow” ORMOND
Large rays MANTAS
Largest word on a buck ONE
Luke’s father ANAKIN
May’s follower in Britain JOHNSON
Meeting focus AGENDA
Mop & ___ (floor cleaner) GLO
Moscow is on its western border IDAHO
Nation west of Togo GHANA
Not genuine PSEUDO
Of an arm nerve ULNAR
Party-going option STAG
Person whose pronouns are “we/us”? ROYAL
Personal identifiers only some can see AURAS
Punxsutawney Phil, for winter’s length PREDICTOR
Reach without delay RACETO
Reddish orange CORAL
Response after getting lei’d? MAHALO
Sanctioned voyeur at a stadium KISSCAM
Scrip subject MEDS
See 1-Down POINT
Seizer of hard drives, at times THEFBI
Seneca said he “smites maids’ breasts with unknown heat” EROS
Shade HUE
Skin woe ACNE
Small bit TAD
Sounds on spotting mice EEKS
Stage name of Tracy Lauren Marrow ICET
Stock answer? MOO
Strike XOUT
Stud site EAR
Synthesizer hookup MIDI
Task at the framing shop? CHECKMATTE
Tito Puente specialty MAMBO
Unit akin to the roentgen RAD
Uploaded photo, often JPEG
With 55-Down, kicker’s contribution, and what’s found in the circled letters EXTRA