New York Times - Sep 18 2022

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Clues Answers
'Brown ___ Girl' EYED
'Check it out for yourself' GOSEE
'I am not what I am' speaker IAGO
'I did it!' TADA
'Look!,' in Latin ECCE
'Not gonna happen!' UHUH
'Spill it!' TELLME
'Star Wars' order SITH
'That's amazing!' WOWEE
'The Burden of Proof' author TUROW
'___ it!' (informal challenge) BRING
2003 Will Ferrell movie ELF
A4 automaker AUDI
Accepts the facts GETSREAL
Actress Garr TERI
Affectionate greeting HUG
Air traffic controller's go-to parenting phrase? YOUREGROUNDED
Airport inits TSA
Animal that turns white in the winter STOAT
Animal working in the D.M.V. in 'Zootopia' SLOTH
Backless shoe MULE
Baroque painter Guido RENI
Basic personal information AGE
Bog product PEAT
Called a strike, say UMPED
Chemical suffixes INES
Christmas color for Elvis BLUE
Chutzpah GALL
City on the Irtysh River OMSK
Clean Air Act org EPA
Color classification HUE
Conductor's go-to parenting phrase? DONTUSETHATTONEWITHME
Cornerstone abbr EST
Counts (on) RELIES
Dance with a paradiddle step TAP
Decade in which many in Gen Z were born AUGHTS
Disney film with a titular heroine MOANA
Eightfold OCTUPLE
Elementary particle named for a Greek letter TAU
Emmy-winning Ward SELA
Epitome of simplicity ABC
Farmyard mamas EWES
Feel that gym session ACHE
Fish tank buildup ALGAE
Flow slowly SEEP
French liver FOIE
From the get-go ATFIRST
From where WHENCE
Gift for writing PENSET
Give the nod ASSENT
Google ___ (Zoom alternative) MEET
GPS calculations, in brief ETAS
Guam's features a sailboat and palm tree FLAG
Has left the office, e.g ISOUT
Her pronoun partner SHE
Horror star Chaney LON
Hosp. area ICU
Hot spot in England? TEA
In the past AGO
In this matter HERETO
Ingredient in homemade hand sanitizer ALOEGEL
Insult DIS
It might be changed or made up MIND
It's a drag TOW
Jabbers YAKS
Jardins d'enfants, par exemple ECOLES
Jay-Z and Kanye West song that samples 'Try a Little Tenderness' OTIS
Clues Answers
Jen ___, 2021-22 White House press secretary PSAKI
Kind of diagram VENN
Kind of discount BULK
Lacking the resources UNABLE
Large number TON
Large number SCAD
Lemon ___ DROP
Librarian's go-to parenting phrase? LETSPLAYTHEQUIETGAME
Like a clear night STARLIT
Like many resorts SEASIDE
Like some potato chips and language SALTY
Like some restrictions DIETARY
Liquor in tiramisu AMARETTO
Main ingredient in poi TARO
Mathematician's go-to parenting phrase? ITOLDYOUAHUNDREDTIMES
Mauna ___ KEA
Maybe one, maybe both ANDOR
Mechanic's go-to parenting phrase? ILLTURNTHISCARAROUND
Miscreant's record, maybe ARRESTS
Nail polish brand with a 'Tickle My France-y' shade OPI
Naval Academy grads ENSIGNS
Newswire co UPI
Noshes EATS
Not out of the running INIT
Nothin' NADA
P.M. times AFTS
Painter whose motifs include ants and eggs DALI
Parcel (out) METE
Part of a homemade Halloween costume SHEET
Part of NATO: Abbr ATL
Personal trainer's go-to parenting phrase? SITUPSTRAIGHT
Pigeon coop COTE
Pioneering sci-fi film that was snubbed for the Best Visual Effects Oscar for its use of computers TRON
Poker option RAISE
Pool shade AQUA
Pork cut LOIN
Pretentious ARTY
Pricing word EACH
Reed of the Velvet Underground LOU
Rival you kind of like FRENEMY
Road trip determination ROUTE
Rock used to make ultramarine LAPIS
Roof overhang EAVE
Sellers franchise, with 'The' PINKPANTHER
Share accommodations DOUBLEUP
Singer James ETTA
Small building block ATOM
Snack cakes with creamy swirls HOHOS
Some remote power sources AAS
Spooky EERIE
Stephen King's first published novel CARRIE
Suisse peak ALPE
Surrounded by AMID
Tech and culture magazine since 1993 WIRED
Texas politician Beto OROURKE
Took to court SUED
Tragic showgirl of song LOLA
Tropical vine LIANA
TV drama with spinoffs set in Hawaii and New Orleans NCIS
Up to 11 meters for a pterodactyl WINGSPAN
What a bad dancer is said to have TWOLEFTFEET
What something might appear out of or disappear into THINAIR
Word seen at the end of many Jean-Luc Godard movies FIN
Words of reassurance IMOK
Your and my relative? OUR
___ de vie EAU
___ Ledbetter, a.k.a. Lead Belly HUDDIE
___ port in a storm ANY